Yidan Han

Xiaoyuan Yin


Born in 1982 in Sichuan Province. Graduated from Japanese Department, Beijing International Studies University. Her works have appeared in various journals and websites including E-zone, The World Poets Quarterly, China Radio International and China Daily official website. In 2006, she won second prize in a commenting competition organized by Reader.


Xiaoyuan Yin


Wrestling with Chaos Inside

如同在光纤的中枢里泥足深陷 漫过胫骨 歪脖子灯下开屏的光帷 惊悚 一如蝙蝠在超声波中作茧自缚 四壁红漆的花体字在热浪中沁出汗珠 昨夜大地蠢蠢欲动 吊钟解体 日式木拖鞋里印度香的遗体攀缘 而今天 从月光宝盒般玲珑的坟茔中苏生 他孤燕的翼端爬满蛛网般的琴弦 像涂釉的骷髅 将长臂深入多米诺形镜像的矩阵 是埋葬在地幔中的震源呼唤他的手指 混沌裹在斗篷中 被他的神经末梢感知 很早以前他就发现了墙角的第四条隐秘的射线 是瞄准线 借以窥伺一个四维世界 他跟从这条线 动作 像向日葵上一条尺蠖 悄然而轻柔 又像一只啃噬钢轨的铜牙步枪 笨拙生硬 颠覆的方向 搅乱的秩序 困扰的感知 一如既往 他 热爱缥缈和摇摇欲坠的生命 肌腱疲惫 晕眩加重 时空失去意义…… 突然背上妻子的一掌把他唤醒


It felt like being frozen in the core of an optical fiber, When shadow of the clumsily-hanged lamp fanned under his feet. He was a bat stuck among his own ultrasonic beams in horror, Red letters in Gothic Script on the walls seem to sweat in heat. During last night's earth tremor the clock in half broke, Inches of ashes of Indian incense crawled in his wooden Geta. But today in a music-box-sized coffin his soul woke, With strings attached like cobweb upon a swallow’s feather. Like a glossy skeleton he stretched an arm down, Into the matrix of mirrors arrayed in a domino shape. Intending to grip the epicenter shrouded in mantle beneath the town, But his nerve ending touched chaos wrapped in a dark cape. Long before he'd found a fourth half-line hidden in every corner, An aiming line to peep the world from a four-dimensional angle of view. He sneaked along it, as softly as an inchworm on a sunflower, And as awkwardly as a steel-toothed rifle that can a railway chew. Directions inverted, order disturbed, consciousness challenged. He never forgot holding on the unstable and fictional life. Muscles fatigued, vertigo deteriorated, concept of time changed. But suddenly he felt a blow on his back flicked by his wife.


A Chameleon-Ridden Chariot

一辆被燃烧的蜥蜴覆盖的青铜战车, 像喷火的怪兽轰鸣着穿过夜阴森交错的白牙。 那里,稀薄拉长的空间似滚烫的蛋清翻腾, 将倾斜的方位裹在恍恍惚惚的视觉的荚中。 有狂野的嗥叫像不祥的残阳击穿粘稠肃穆的永恒, 像石狮子吐出裂痕斑驳,沾满涎水的翡翠色石珠。 一个戴黑帽子的奸细站在爱奥尼柱涡卷的阴影中, 佝偻的背上摇摇欲坠的群青天空如泰山压顶。 低沉嘶哑的吼声像散落的水银滚过红色的草, 撼动中东南西北像错位的魔方从中断裂。 一位身披银袍的骑士像一道白昼潜入,带来闪耀的奇迹, 它们冒出的水泡像浓缩的光线灼烧,裂为碎片。 布满癌一般增生曲面的地平线已经老化, 他的利斧从里面放出深紫的淤血和姜汁状的脑浆。 剥落如木耳的血痂洒落在战车压出的沟渠里, 像被踩入泥土的灵魂仰望生命的复眼。 骑士割开战车和上面变成了金文的蜥蜴, 像当初上帝剖开红心蛋一样的宇宙的壳。 于是一切耀眼光中上升的破片都汇成一统, 周围荡漾的刺耳的寂静如同阳光沃雪。


A bronze chariot ridden by chameleons radiating flaring lights, Like a gryphon puffing flames, crashed through Night’s staggered saber-like tusks. Where the attenuated darkness effervesced like boiling egg whites, Had blanketed the slanting directions beneath visions’ dim husks. A savage howl, like an ominous setting sun, punctured immortality so slimy and solemn, As if a stone lion shot out a fissured emerald bead covered with saliva. A Judas wearing black cockscomb had hidden himself in the shaded volutes of an Ionic column, The ultramarine blue sky weighing on his hunched back overloaded this survivor. Like spilt quicksilver, hoarse growls rolled over the lurid weeds like thunders, Directions snapped in the middle like a contorted Revenge Cube in the quivers. A silver-mantled knight dived in like a flash of daylight with blazing wonders, From which bubbles of condensed rays sparkled and broke into shivers. The horizon bristled with cancer-like multiplying curved faces had begun aging, Before his axe released from it purplish blood clots and ginger-juice-colored brains. Like agarics the blood crusts scatter into the furrows left by the chariot overwhelmingly raging, The compound eyes looking up from their trodden-down souls at life’s chains. The knight carved the chariot and the chameleons that had embossment become, When God did the same with the eggshell of this red-yoked universe centuries ago. Then crystal scraps of all these rising in the dazzling beams added to their sum, And echoes of the harsh silence around spread like sunshine over snow.


Let's Kill the Bridge

让我们杀掉桥吧 让它把鲸吞的空间囫囵吐出 让它骨鲠般的影子跌出西沉的瞳孔 摔成齑粉 我们是各自独立的便衣杀手 每天循着自己的快意恩仇亡命奔走 有时候我们也用世界语寒暄和祈祷 为与我们无关的天气和政治干杯 坤包里潜伏着手雷 刀片和毒药 休闲衫下裹着纹身 枪支和指环 我们用内心里高墙的轮廓 在马路和楼群间划出自己的严密规则 让我们杀掉沟渠和道路 用在寂寞中冰冷了的子弹 像一群沉默寡言的武士 习惯用鲜血代替眼泪 扳机代替舌头 让我们杀掉高山与峡谷 世界上总有东西能让我们歃血为盟 譬如复仇 垄断 征服和黑夜 或者某些与热血无关的温暖 让我们再杀掉目光和怜悯 从此一切将像原始一样荒芜平坦 只有兀立的生命和孤绝的信仰 像笔直的铁钎星罗棋布在地球表面


Let's kill the bridge And force out the engulfed space entirely from its cavities When its shadow sticking in pupil of the fiery sinking sun Will fall to ground like a fishbone and be smashed We are plainclothes killers independent from one another Playing the role of a desperado in our own segregated world of logics and crimes At intervals we exchange artificial greetings and say prayers in Esperanto And propose a toast for insipid topics about weather or politics In the handbag we carry grenades, razor blades and poisons Underneath our casual T-shirt we have tattoos, revolvers and rings With the borderline of the bulwarks in our inner world We paint our indisputable laws along the silhouette of boulevards and skyscrapers Let's kill the canals and roads Using our bullets that were almost frozen over in solitude Like a group of cold and taciturn samurais We prefer bleeding than crying, the trigger than the tongue Let's kill the mountains and canyons These must exists something that can ally us and make us sworn brothers For example –revenge, hegemony, conquer and darkness Or a certain kind of warmth irrelevant to primitive passion Then let's kill vision and sympathy And leave this hemisphere denuded of natural and human landscape Only lives and faiths remain there, standing solemnly Like unbending reinforcing steels hammered into this planet

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