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Chiu Meng

秋梦,本名陈友权,又名陈学培,一九四三年出生。曾就读于越南万幸文科大学文学系及英语中心。企业家, 业余从事诗、诗论及翻译等写作。作品除了在本地的文艺版发表外,并发表于海外的《创世纪》等诗刊及大马、澳洲文艺园地。现居越南。

Qiu Meng, originally Tang Vinh Thanh. Born in 1943, attending school in Vietnam. He is an entrepreneur who spends his spare time on writing and translating. His works have appeared on a number of poetry journals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia and the United States. He lives in Vietnam.


Chiu Meng


The Tree Says

我在天宇下 站着 偷听大地的奥秘 左耳 何时飞进一片鸟语 我听到牠们争辩着 一些私事 而右耳 却遮着一碧晚霞 将夕阳温柔的步音 置之度外 这时 晚风又来向我追问 几时才将我身边的 阿拉伯帷幕揭开? 好让它穿过一千零一夜走来 走进我的心脏 听我唱 一首歌


I stand under the roofs Of the sky To overhear mystery of the Earth When a piece of bird's chirps Fly in my left ear I hear they are arguing Over some of private matters And my right ear Covered with the glow of a sunset cloud Yet the tender footsteps of the declining sun Not to care about Now the night breeze comes again asks me closely When I reveal theArabian curtian by my side? Let her come through one thousand and one nights Come into my heart Hear me Sing a song


Listen to a Song

昨夜她在歌的行板上 垂下一个音符 掌声绕樑后 椅子们都开始松了口气 曲终于散了 台上的她还在 挂在她脸上的那滴泪 何时竟蜕变成一只感情的兽 防不胜防 它向我扑杀过来 我的防波堤终于 崩溃了


Yesterday she hung down a musical note From an andante of song After the sound of applause coiled around the beam The chairs began to relax their breaths Song dispersed at last Yet she still remained on stage A drop of tear that suspended on her face When has it changed into an emotion beast? To guard but impossible to guard against It smashs toward me At last my groyne Breaks down

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