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Lee Chun

李淳,浙江人,生于1943年。十余岁时随父母迁往牙买加。曾就读于西印度大学。作品在当地侨办中文报纸和台湾报刊发表,包括 《蓝星诗刊》 等。二十世纪末,他返回中国大陆。

Lee Chun was born in Zhejiang, China in 1943. When he was a teenager his parents brought him over to Jamaica. He has one time studied at the University of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica. His work appeared in the local Chinese newspapers and poetry magazines in Taiwan, including The Blue Stars Quarterly. He went back to Mainland China at the end of the last Century.


Hsia Ching

夏菁,是盛志澄的笔名,1925年生于浙江嘉兴.美国科罗拉多州立大学硕士,曾任联合国专家及科罗拉多教授等职。夏菁是台湾 “蓝星诗社” 创始人之一。自1954年 出版第一本诗集起,已有九种,包括近年出版的《雪岭》(2003)和《夏菁短诗选》(2004)等。

Hsia Ching, the pen name of Ted (Tse) C. Sheng, was born in Zhejiang, China in 1925. He received his M.S. degree from the Colorado State University (1966) and has worked with the United Nations and taught at the Colorado State University. Hsia Ching was one of the founders of the Blue Stars Poetry Society in Taiwan in early Fifties. Since his first collection of poems published in 1954, he has produced a total of nine volumes of poems including the recent two: A Snow-capped Peak (2003) and Selected Poems of Hsia Ching (2004).

掠影集 (2)

Passing Shadows (2)

采野花 你在山坡上寻找 紫的、黄的和小草 你所采集的 是大自然的词藻 当你两手捧给我 却没有说半个字 此中的真意—— 看我能否领悟到? Hardwar Gap* 一条小小的岭径 长年隐蔽在雾里 沿途有各色的木槿 现在盛开着咖啡 我说:最爱这风景 美,再加上神秘 你只是含笑盈盈: “诗人在说东喻西” 注: *Hardwar Gap 在牙买加京士顿市 近郊的蓝山上 海滩细语 我俩躺在海滩上细语 只有低飞的白鸥听见 他们去传给了风 风无意间泄露给太阳 太阳盛怒,用妒火 的炽热,要将 我俩烤成一对 殉爱的木乃伊 别离 再度离别的清早 播送“齐伐哥医生” 你回多难的家乡 浪潮是我的叮咛 飘飘然地来去 一片海上的彩云 在我感光的心底 录下永恒的投影


Picking Wild Flowers You searched and collected on a slope Purple and yellow with some grasses What you have really gathered Were the Nature’s flowery language When you presented them with both hands Not a single word was uttered You seemed to let me comprehend What was the real meaning behind? Hardwar Gap* A small ridge path is hided In a year round mist Colorful hibiscuses are along two sides And now coffee trees are blooming I said: "Loveliest is this scenery Beauty, yet added with some mystery" You smiled as if you implied: "Poets say one thing means another" Note: Hardwar Gap is near to Kingston, Jamaica at the Blue Mountain range. Whispering on Beach We whispered while we lay on a beach Only the low flying gulls could hear They passed the secret to the wind And the wind leaked it to the sun The sun suddenly burst into great anger Using its mighty jealousy heat To bake us into a odd pair Of mummies who died for eternal love Parting In the morning when we were again parting I played the song of Doctor Zhevago To your trouble country you were about to go My farewell bides were like tides everlasting Come and go, so swiftly you were Like a rosy and flying cloud above the sea In my heart of sensitive film Recorded a permanent image, you and me

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