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Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He moved to Shanghai with his parents while he attended elementary school. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is a member of PoetrySky Poets Association and his poems appeared in a number of major poetry journals and anthologies in China and the US. He lives in Southern California.


Yuan Liang


Wheat Stack

我们把麦垛堆得高高 每一根麦秸藏着一个故事 麦子的香味混合着汗水的咸味 麦芒扎进了我们的记忆 白天的太阳,夜晚的月亮 麦垛不断地变换着颜色 像岛屿浮在蔚蓝的海上 我的麦垛在梦里,载着童年的希望 村庄,我回来了,乘一叶梦的扁舟 我在五月的田畴看蚕豆花开 让麦垛的金字塔把我埋葬 时光消融成沙粒,我前世的画轴打开 细密的嗡营,在麦秸消瘦的发丝上舞蹈 一场大风吹来的今世落满尘埃


We heap wheat stack to highness Each wheat straw hides a story The fragrance of wheat mixes the salty sweat Awn of wheat gets into our memory The sun of the day, the moon of the night The wheat stack constantly changes the color like a island floats on blue sea My wheat stack is bearing the hope of childhood in a dream Oh my village, I am back, riding a canoe of dream I watch the blossom of broad bean in the filed The pyramid of wheat stack is inclined to bury me Time melts into sand; the painting of my preexistence opens up The dense sound dances on the thin hair of straw This life brought by a gust is covered with dust



黄昏绽开得像一丛夹竹桃 远方飘来的记忆里 有一首歌在林间跌宕 我闻到露台上茉莉花的浓香 那时,阳光的小鸟 在你怀中扑着热辣辣的翅膀 从亚热带吹来的风 呼啸着一声声鸽哨 吊兰蓬松地垂下绿色长发 窗外,亚麻布的白裙子 挂在一根红绳子上 冷杉的墨绿像一件睡衣 轻轻地拥着你沉睡的玉体 你的梦中飘飞着碎花的呓语


The eve blossoms like a clump of oleander In the memory that floats in from far a song is wandering in the woods I smell the aroma of jasmine on terrace At the time, the bird of sunlight flapping its burning hot wings The wind from the tropic whistling like a pigeon The spider plant softly hangs long green hair Outside the window, a linen white skirt hanging on a red rope The dark green of fir is like a nightgown gently embraces your sleeping body The murmur of smashed flower flies in your dream



从两棵桉树间滑落的夕阳 像蛋黄掉进一只深色的瓷碗 夜被一个梦打开窗,依稀看见 黑眼仁隐隐晃动的月亮 月光下忽现的七仙女 舞着长袖来到岸边的木楼 袖口拂过的河水,柔曼的词语 轻轻托起被尖石破损的小舟 河流像一条卷曲而行的白蛇 悄悄遁入狗尾草丛的深处 岸边拂动的柳影里,有一支歌在踌躇 在黎明的凝睇中,歌声的马蹄    仙女从马背拖拽的白色裙裾 都簇拥着河水的波光,渐渐消失


The setting sun sliding between two eucalypts like a yolk falling into a fuscous porcelain bowl A window is opened on the night by dream, dimly revealing the blinking eye pupil of the moon Seven fairies suddenly appear in moonlight swinging the long sleeves to approach a wooden hut The river water touched by sleeves, those silky words gently hold the bateau broken by sharp stone The river is like a white snake that crimps and silently vanishes into deep brushwood grass In the shadow of wavy willow on bank, a song hesitates In the gaze of dawn, the horse hoof of a song the white skirts of fairies drawn down from horse back all cluster around the light of river wave and gradually disappear

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