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Mo Qi

莫柒,1974年生于重庆,现居重庆。从2004年开始用文字、图片、影像、实物为来中国的外国人作记录。与朋友创立“Transplay”翻译工作室, 致力于中国古籍与亚文化书籍的翻译。

Mo Qi was born in Chongqing in 1974 and now lives there. Since 2004, he has been recording the foreign traveler's experiences in China by articles, photos and videos. He is the co-founder of Transplay Workshop, which is specialized in the translation of ancient Chinese work and subculture work.


Mo Qi


这一个 挂在绳子上的夜晚 同我在山坡上 或者海边眺望时 找到的语言 分开了 这一个夜晚的意义 在于我无法进入 仿佛车轮碾过身体 而身体是一个幻觉 潜在的记忆里 涌现 空白的碎片 它们的拼图游戏 在进行了 一年一年 一天或是一天 他们说 要做些有用的事 有用的事 就是有用的河 那边的岸 从水珠的内部发生 如果滴落在岩石上 就什么也没有发生

the night hung on the rope away from the language I found when watching on the slope or by the sea the meaning of the night lies in that I cannot enter like a wheel screwing the body and body being an illusion in the sub-memory springs up blank fragments their game of collage is on one year one year one day or one day they say do useful things useful things is the useful river actually the bank beyond it it happens from inside a water drop if dropping on a rock then nothing happens


这座山 不是那一座山 我们相遇 也不是在同一天 时间的空白 魔毯连续飞过的阴影 我摆弄那些清晰完整的脉络 等于策动一出物种的叛乱 为了积极筹备冬季 学校应该放假 遁逃的明亮行迹 与黑暗中静默的舞者 相互加入 时间的囚徒被引渡到一场火焰的深处 残留的身体在这个夜晚继续耽于幻想 身体与世界的连接 只是一个假象 就象没有人看见幻想 在这个夜晚 或许来狂欢 树叶 渴睡的眼 和空中楼阁

this mountain is not that mountain we met not on the same day the blank of time the flying and passing shadow of magic carpet I play with the venation which is clear and complete equals to motivating an insurgency of species to prepare for the winter the school should be dismissed the bright trail of escaping inter-joins the silent dancer in darkness the prisoner of time was delivered to the depth of a fire the body left at this night goes on indulging in fantasy the connection between body and the world is merely an illusion like no one seeing fantasy at this night maybe come and play leaves, sleepy eyes, or castle in the air


今天 劳动了 很累 上床时 发觉这一生就要过去 但它仍然没有过来 身体是分散的珠子 身体一块石膏模板 身体在这段文字里出现 身体在这段文字后睡着 我是身体的奴隶? 干的眼睛在夜里 哪里有低垂的河流 又裹着我去哪里

today I labored tired when I go to bed I find that this life will be gone though it has not come body is scattered beads body a plaster module body appears in these words body sleeps after these words I am the slave of my body? dry eyes at night where there is the drooping river and wrapping me to where


生命继续过去吗 我抬头看 月亮照着一些云 走到下一个路口 云依然厚厚地堆积 在那后面 有什么人笑过一声 有什么人跑过草原 有什么人潜入大洋 有什么人 站在原地 看过来 我来到这里 只是和密不透风的棉絮 打一个照面

life continues passing? I look up the moon lights clouds I walk to the next crossroad clouds pile high behind that who laughs who runs across the grassland who dives into the ocean who standing where he is looks I come here merely face to face with the cotton where no air goes through

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