Yidan Han

Tom Chandler

Tom Chandler is the Poet Laureate Emeritus of Rhode Island. He is the author of five books of poems, including the latest Toy Firing Squad (2008). He is a professor of creative writing at Bryant University.



Tammy Ho Lai-ming


Tammy Ho Lai-ming is Hong Kong-born and –based. She studied at the University of Hong Kong and received her BA in English Literature & Translation in 2002 and her MPhil in English Language and Literature in 2005. She currently teaches at the School of English of the University of Hong Kong. She is the editor of HKU Writing: An Anthology (March 2006), a co-editor of Word Salad Poetry Magazine and a co-founder of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.

When I was six


I would lie with my head at the edge of the bed and pretend that the ceiling was really the floor, explore the odd logic, toppled trees in the window, the way the light fixture sprang up in the air, how the dresser and chair dripped down like stalactites till the blood swished hard through my pulsating brain like water flushed down the kitchen sink drain and I saw the sparkle of millions of stars spilling out from the night sky inside me.


我总爱把头 枕在床缘 假装天花板是地板 探索那微妙的境况: 窗外的树摇摇欲坠 光线在空气中跳跃 衣橱跟椅子 像鐘乳石般滴下 直至我的血液窸窣作响 流过我悸动的脑袋 有如厨房内洗盆裡 怱地被啜吸的清水 然后,我看到万颗 烂漫闪烁的星星 从黑夜倾泻出来 全于我体内

The ancient poem not yet written


In the ancient poem not yet written a thousand cranes lift from a marsh rise from the reeds on slow wings their dangling legs kite strings they would discard if they could. There is the same moon as now its half eaten smile and there is the man sitting silent by a perfect lake waiting for words from the night sky womb to fall birthslick into his thoughts of you, as yet unborn for centuries.


在这首还未写成 的古诗里 千只鹤儿 在沼泽中耸立 在芦苇间飞舞 拍动悠闲的翅膀 它们悬垂的足 是风箏的线 或能随意摒弃 诗里的月亮 跟今天的无异 是半朵吃掉的笑脸 有个男子 静静的坐在 漂亮无比的湖边 他在等候 夜空送来的片语 孕育成诗句 而你 你在他的思潮里 有待诞生 世代以后

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