Yidan Han

Yan Li


Poet, painter, fiction writer, born in 1954 in Beijing, China. He is a member of a vanguard artist group "The Stars" founded in 1979 and an underground literary group "Today" in Beijing. As a poet, he is regarded as one of the members of the Misty Poets. He came to US in 1985 and founded quarterly journal Yi-Hang in New York in 1987. His poems have been translated into French, Italian, English, Swedish, Korean and German. He has held many exhibitions and published a number of books. He lives in Shanghai and New York.


Glen Steinman

自1982年在北京大学学习时,斯仲达就开始翻译及创作现代中文诗歌。 他1994年至今在香港经营自己的顾问公司。

Glen Steinman has translated and written contemporary Chinese language poetry since 1982 when he studied at Beijing University. He is a successful businessman and currently resides in Hong Kong.


Eternal Love Song—Venus De Milo

她被推到水下去 压倒一片成熟的水草 鱼儿如标点符号般惊起 她和她的故事 沉默地睡了几个世纪之后被捞了起来 今天 我久久地坐在进餐的位置上反省 很小的食欲在很大的盘子里呻吟 身体中有许多个欲念来自遥远的前世 我清楚地忆起了她 我曾强行挣脱她的拥抱 她留在我脖子上的那条断臂 今世依然无法接上

She was pushed down into the water Pressed upon the aged water plants The fish swam about baffled, just like punctuation marks She and her story Were scooped up after silently sleeping for centuries Today I have sat for hours reflecting by the dining table A small appetite groans inside a large plate There are many desires in the body come from the faraway previous incarnation I clearly recall here I once forcefully pushed off her embrace She left her broken arms around my neck There is still no way to put them back


上帝 扛起岁月正在往上爬的梯子 沉重地走过人类的脸 留下皱纹的脚印 啊 上帝 你的脚像刀子 你的刀鞘呢 难道也像人间的爱情故事: 你从梯子上溜下来时 忘在了情人的家里

God On your shoulders is the ladder that the years climb, Heavily walking on the face of mankind, Leaving wrinkles as footprints Ah, God, Your feet are like knives And where is your scabbard Hard to imagine they remind me of love stories among earthlings When you came sneaking down off your own ladder Your forgot them in your lover's home

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