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Chiu Meng

秋梦,本名陈友权,又名陈学培,一九四三年出生。曾就读于越南万幸文科大学文学系及英语中心。企业家, 业余从事诗、诗论及翻译等写作。作品除了在本地的文艺版发表外,并发表于海外的《创世纪》等诗刊及大马、澳洲文艺园地。现居越南。

Qiu Meng, originally Tang Vinh Thanh. Born in 1943, attending school in Vietnam. He is an entrepreneur who spends his spare time on writing and translating. His works have appeared on a number of poetry journals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia and the United States. He lives in Vietnam.


Chiu Meng


一 唱 再 唱 盈耳的 不住的蝉声 想将整个下午 愈 唱 愈 长 歌是唱不完的 它想 在永恒的 一 端 会不会唱成 绝 响


Sings Again And Again To fill the ears The cicada sings without cease She wants to sing Pushing The whole afternoon To A longer one The song can never finish She thinks At the end Of the eternity Should she sing To The soundless?


Solar Eclipse

天黑 并非因了 天上的雨云 满山的鸟们,都哗然 说夜,今天为何 如此早降? 俯望,脚下聚集 多种肤色的人群 手持着猎枪 向着太阳 瞄准? 仰望 隐约听到 月亮赴约的步音 啊,今天的太阳 很ROMANTIC


The sky becomes dark Not because Of its rain clouds The birds above the mountain All hurry to shout Why night comes so early today Look down, beneath the feet Gather together All color of people Holding the hunting gun Aim at the sun? Look up, indistinctly To hear the moon’s footsteps for a tryst Oh! the sun today So romantic


Climb a Mountain

忽然 有些感觉 像一颗心 悬挂在天空的 层云上 那种 从高空俯望 树木 都变成怔怔的 观众 垂下的云 不是戏台上的 垂幕 只听到风声 没有爵士 音乐 加快攀登 像加快 歌的节拍 在观众的 欢呼中 迳自 超越最高的 高音


Suddenly Having a feeling As a heart Suspending from the cumulus clouds In the sky And such Look down from the upper air The trees All become The scary audiences The fallen cloud Not the fallen curtain On the stage Merely hear the wind There is no jazz Music Quicken to climb up As quicken To the rhythm of song In cheering Of the audiences Directly Surpass The highest alt

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