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Hsia Ching

夏菁,是盛志澄的笔名,1925年生于浙江嘉兴.美国科罗拉多州立大学硕士,曾任联合国专家及科罗拉多教授等职。夏菁是台湾 “蓝星诗社” 创始人之一。自1954年 出版第一本诗集起,已有九种,包括近年出版的《雪岭》(2003)和《夏菁短诗选》(2004)等。

Hsia Ching, the pen name of Ted (Tse) C. Sheng, was born in Zhejiang, China in 1925. He received his M.S. degree from the Colorado State University (1966) and has worked with the United Nations and taught at the Colorado State University. Hsia Ching was one of the founders of the Blue Stars Poetry Society in Taiwan in early Fifties. Since his first collection of poems published in 1954, he has produced a total of nine volumes of poems including the recent two: A Snow-capped Peak (2003) and Selected Poems of Hsia Ching (2004).


Hsia Ching



风信子,风信子 提起你的名字 我就有不断的遐思 当春风吹开三月的寒襟 你已守信地玉立亭亭 你的光彩曾媲美 海伦的发丝 你再生的传说 是希腊最早的故事 风信子,风信子 你对我却有 另一种的暗示 说不出,只能会意 如早春的迷惘 梦后的痴疑 往者已矣,逝者已矣 如果一定要追问 我最多奉告如次: 向空中默诵一个名字 再想想以前那段 挥不去影子 茶饭不思的日子


Hyacinth, Hyacinth Every time your name is mentioned I could not hold my fancy thoughts When the spring breeze opens March's cold collar You are already there, slim and graceful Your brilliant color has been compared Favorably with Helen's hair And your legends of rebirth Is Greek's earliest tale Hyacinth, Hyacinth You are to me actually A different kind of hint It cannot be said, only be perceived Like the daze of the spring Like the hang over of the dreams Let bygones be bygones; what's passed was passed If anyone insists to query My answer is mostly like this: Silently utter the name towards the sky Then think about those old days When your mind could not wipe off the image When you went without food all day


A Pocketful Wind

我有久藏的 口袋一只 现在装着空空 我早年的相思 寂寞的枫红 和我的诗意 却没有一个字 神话,不是 哲学,不是 刻骨的往事,是 但早已经消逝 现在剩下的只是 满满的一袋风 和白杨的瑟瑟


I have a pocket That is decade old It now holds an empty Of my love memory With maples' melancholy It contains my thoughts Yet without a word A myth, no Philosophy, no An untold story, yes But it was long oblivion What has left is only A pocketful wind With songs of aspen

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