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Mo Qi

莫柒,1974年生于重庆,现居重庆。从2004年开始用文字、图片、影像、实物为来中国的外国人作记录。与朋友创立“Transplay”翻译工作室, 致力于中国古籍与亚文化书籍的翻译。

Mo Qi was born in Chongqing in 1974 and now lives there. Since 2004, he has been recording the foreign traveler's experiences in China by articles, photos and videos. He is the co-founder of Transplay Workshop, which is specialized in the translation of ancient Chinese work and subculture work.


Mo Qi


六月三十日 暴雨 天空时而灰白 山和树的细节 在金属板块上定义 仍然是夜晚的光 直到闪电出现 那么多藏着的 都掉下来 砸在地上 混合脚印 唇印和摇晃的头发 越来越快地不见 干净的地面 也需要被定义 我撑着伞向前走 有躲雨的人和我打招呼 我笑着回应 我撑着伞从躲雨人的队列前走过 我撑着伞 因为那些躲雨的人? 我撑着伞向前走 伞上放大的水珠 沿伞面滑落下来 也有不滑落的 在伞的边缘 破碎 也就是 绽放 我象是穿过地层 向核心的地方走去 伞上积着光 来了树影 各种事物的影子 我们身在的这个世界 曾经这样不确定且飞过?

July 30th rainstorm sky sometimes gray details of mountain and tree are defined at the metal plate still the light of night until the lightning comes so much the hiding all falls hitting the ground mixed with footprints lip prints and shaking hair vanishing more and more quickly the clean ground is also to be defined I hold the umbrella and walk people taking shelter say hello I reply, smiling I hold the umbrella and walk before the queue of people taking shelter I hold the umbrella because of people taking shelter? I hold the umbrella and walk on it the zoomed-in water drops slide down the surface those who don't at the edge of umbrella break that is bloom as if I walked through the stratum toward the core light accumulates on the umbrella comes the shadow of tree the shadow of all the world where we are used to be so unsure and flying?

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