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Vera Schwarcz

Born in Romania, Vera Schwarcz is a poet and a historian. She is the author of seven books, including the prize-winning Bridge Across Broken Time: Chinese and Jewish Cultural Memory (Yale University Press, 1999) and two books of poetry, A Scoop of Light (March Street Press, 2000) and In The Garden of Memory collaboration with Israeli artist Chava Pressburger (March Street Press, 2004). Schwarcz teaches Chinese history at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and lives in West Hartford with her husband and daughter. Her poems appeared in: Ekphrasis, Taproot Review, Seneca Review, Common Ground Review and Voices Israel.

薇拉-施娃茨,罗马尼亚裔犹太人,诗人和历史学家。出版过七本书,包括获奖的《时光之桥:重温中犹文化》(雅鲁大学出版社,1999)和两本诗集:《一缕阳光》(三月街出版社,2000),以及和以色列艺术家Chava Pressburger的合著《花园回忆》(三月街出版社,2004)。她现任教于美国康州威斯理安大学中国历史专业,并与丈夫女儿定居康州西哈特福特市。其诗作见诸《读画诗》《溯源评论》《赛内卡评论》《共鸣评论》以及《以色列之声》等刊物上。



Firefly,真名彭智鹏,生于1983年,广西人,为在读研究生。已翻译并出版《沅茵短诗集》(中国文联, 2007)和《短歌行》(合译)。作品散见于中国诗歌“译海撷金”论坛。现居山西太原。

Firefly was born in Guangxi, China in 1983. He has translated and published two books of poetry. He is a graduate student and lives in Shanxi Province.



Poems come sotto voce, a small still voice as one woman polishes the sapphire of her thoughts, each jade moment when a child is not crying, each ruby morning when bread perfumes the silent kitchen, then she listens with an amber heart to all that refuses to be named, she carves from alabaster a mind broad enough to number each yellow leaf crushed underfoot in autumn's dusk. The writing woman is a listening woman, an endlessly patient woman threading sense into senseless hours, embroidering tapestries of light where chaos reigned before.


诗歌浅吟着走来 喃喃细语 是在一个女人 推敲她的真知灼见时, 趁孩子不哭 光阴寸金 趁着清晨 彩霞瑰丽 面包飘香 安静的厨房 然后 她聆听 用一颗琥珀之心 去听籍籍无名者 大理石上 她雕刻广阔心胸 去铭记每一片 秋日黄昏里 踩碎的黄叶 会写的女人 必会聆听 不厌其烦 无聊时光 化为隽永 凌乱之处 就用阳光 刺绣织锦

Another Music


You grasslands of the East with icy lakes and lilac rivers, send forth your amulets, your horsemen if you must, give birth to gods of wood and stone, a fertile tundra, another music is calling me now: brittle blossom of thorn bush, eucalyptus drying under harsh skies, time's bell muffled by desert sands, let me wake from stale dreams to the sonority of psalms.


你是东方的草原 有冰湖 有紫溪 捎去你的护身符 必要时带上马夫 生下木石之神 赐你沃土 又有音乐在召唤我 荆棘绽放娇花 桉树殇于恶劣天气 时光之钟为沙漠所喑哑 让我醒来 从旧梦 到赞歌唱响之处

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