Yidan Han

Xia Yu


Xia Yu, a Manchurian, is a member of the Liaoning Writers' Association. She has published poems in literary journals such as Shi Kan, Stars, Selected Poems. Her work has been included in many poetry anthologies in China. She has published several collections including The Book of Summer, Start From Soberness, Situation (co-authored). She now lives in Tieling, Liaoning.


Edgar Dive


Born in 1972, Edgar Dive has studied at the London School of Economics and the Australian National University. He has published works in literary journals including Chien Kun Poetry Quarterly and Poetry Selected. He now lives in Hong Kong.


At the Small Town

两颗星星,同时出现 天空中,还有更多的星星 正次第现身 但我没有看见。占据我视野的两颗星星 白天做梦 夜晚清醒 但它们的清醒,像两条从远方走来的马路 历经万家灯火,山重水复 在某个小镇相逢 但它们没有真正拥抱在一起 一条马路从镇中横穿而过,铺满千辛 另一条从镇旁悄悄绕行,布下万苦 它们的追寻,像车辆在马路上奔驰 站牌和路标都不是终点。我曾在 睡眠游离于生活之外的夜晚 一个人,悄悄地站在天空下 观察它们。两颗星星 同时出现 它们比我更清醒,它们比我更像梦 它们比我更不为人所知地 在小镇的上空 永不知疲倦地固守自己的死,或生


Two stars, appear at the same time in the sky, and more stars emerge one by one but that I fail to see. The two stars which have occupied my sight dream by day wake by night Their awakenings, like two roads coming from afar after passing numerous lights of homes, iterative hills and rivers meet at the small town But they do not really embrace each other One road goes through the town, and spreads thousands of trials The other goes quietly around the town, and scatters myriads of hardships Their pursuit is like the cars speeding on them Signposts and stations are not their destinations. Once in those nights of slumbering outside life, alone, I quietly stood under the sky observing them. The two stars appeared at the same time They are soberer than me, they are more like a dream than me And more obscurely than me in the sky above the town they tirelessly keep to their own deaths, or lives.


I Compare the Small Town to a Prairie

这么多年了,我一直在寻找 被清清的河水流淌过的阔大草原 它一天更比一天丰沛的边缘 就像早晨 很容易就把头伸向了夜晚 它丰衣足食的人们,就是那些茂盛的青草 一茬又一茬结着结实的种子 既有野火,又有春风,而我 只是一只被命名的马匹 奔跑的时候 需要马车一辆,感恩的心灵一颗


For so many years, I've been looking for a great prairie through which clean streams run Its ever more ample verge like a morning easily stretches out its neck into night Its people of plenty, namely the luxuriant grass produce solid fruits crop after crop There're wild fires, spring winds, and I am nothing but a nameable horse who needs a carriage, a grateful heart when running


There Was a Heavy Rain during the Night

它不是湿的 却是冷而黑的 将一条道路淹没 这条道路,正在消化着原来的道路 你会听到一些沙石的声音,一些水泥和水 风来不及吹走的车辙 一块积雪冻僵的尸体,还有一辆汽车 满载快乐而去的歌声 最忠诚的一年,或两年 它最大的伤害是没有受到伤害 道路上的霉斑,是喜鹊的家园 远处的海水空自泛滥 那只是生活以外之人一次不着边际的出轨 时间会让它们一贫如洗 并证明巨大的怨气 于他们是灾难,但没有发出来 我走过的这条道路,曾被青草或肮脏的雪们占领 落脚之地如今站立着灯柱。妄想 已被铺进道路底下 全新的爱,更平坦、宽敞、且伸向未来 在某个夜晚。我看到一条道路 正在向黎明请教。这在近三十几年的历史中 绝无仅有


It was not wet yet cold and dark and flooded a road This road is digesting the old one You can hear the sound of gravel, cement and water wagon tracks which the wind wasn't quick enough to smooth away a corpse frozen by snow, and a car leaving with happy songs The most faithful year, or two years its biggest sore is that it's not been hurt The molds on the road are home for magpies In the distance, the sea overflows by itself like people who live outside life vaguely derailing Time will make them very poor and prove that great pique can be disaster to them, though that's not happened yet I've walked along this road, it was once occupied by grass and dirty snow Where there's now a lamp post, I used to loiter. I wish the new love buried underground was wider, more even, and would extend to the future On certain night, I see a road consulting dawn, the only one I've seen for the last thirty-odd years


I Am Afraid

在池塘上平静下来的风,吹过我的夜晚 我害怕那些游泳的姿态 害怕黎明到来时,树叶已落在地上 害怕死亡 突然就找上了我 如果那样,我没有尖叫,没有苦痛 害怕那些垂直的柳条 倒映下的身影 害怕虫子们过于柔软的躯体 害怕我的凝视,被夜晚看见;我的忧郁 幻化成美丽的苹果花 害怕又一阵雨徐徐落下,而缠绕着的丝线 将以透明的形式代替我 在黄昏时,撕破了一个 明亮的夜晚


The wind that has calmed over the pond may blow across my night I am afraid of those swimming strokes Afraid that leaves may have fallen to the ground when dawn comes Afraid that death May suddenly come to me In which case I may not have screamed, nor felt any pain I am afraid of those hanging willow branches And their shadows cast on the ground Afraid of the over flaccid bodies of worms Afraid that my gaze may be seen by the night, that my melancholy May turn into beautiful apple flowers I am afraid another rain may fall slowly, and tangles of threads Will replace me in a transparent way And split open, at sunset, A bright night

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