Yidan Han

Chang Zheng


Chang Zheng, was born in Boxing County, Shandong Province. He graduated from Chinese Department of Shandong Normal University, and started writing poetry since 1985. His poems and critical articles appeared in many literary journals including Shikan, Star, October, Today.


Cheng Hu

程虎,山东滨州学院外语系教师, 文学硕士, 致力于翻译学与比较文学研究。

Cheng Hu (1982-) teaches in the Foreign Languages Department at Binzhou University, Shandong. His research interests are Translation Studies and Comparative Literature.


A Drop of Hopeless Ink from the Flood

这么多的水 我怎么用词语来容纳 我只能说浩淼 绝望 你叹息 这片水就变成了汪洋 这么多的水 让你面对 安静的水透彻无垠 开始 你看见了自己的容颜 陌生又困惑 开始是你的两滴泪 落在水面 水面就振荡 容颜就婆娑 发出金属的声响像两个音符 带来短暂的乐章 多少年后是我的一滴墨水 落在水面 像墨鱼儿 它畅游 一丝丝无限地拉长 然后是无限地延展 最后归于透明 最后归于大水的浩淼 绝望和安静


So much water How can I use words to accommodate it All I can say is immensity and despair You sigh, and the water became a vast ocean So much water That you're facing The quiet water is so clear and at first you see your own face unfamiliar and confusing At first your own two drops of tears Fall on the water and the water is cycling and your face is languish make the metal sounds just like two musical notes ane bring the movement impermanerue many years later I become an ink glob falling on the surface of water just like a fish in a mexican it swim an destretched extended and the sprending indefinitely and eventually be transparent and will eventually be the flood of the expansion quiet desperation

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