Yidan Han

Chiu Meng

秋梦,本名陈友权,又名陈学培,一九四三年出生。曾就读于越南万幸文科大学文学系及英语中心。企业家, 业余从事诗、诗论及翻译等写作。作品除了在本地的文艺版发表外,并发表于海外的《创世纪》等诗刊及大马、澳洲文艺园地。现居越南。

Qiu Meng, originally Tang Vinh Thanh. Born in 1943, attending school in Vietnam. He is an entrepreneur who spends his spare time on writing and translating. His works have appeared on a number of poetry journals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia and the United States. He lives in Vietnam.


Chiu Meng



你从天上来,带着 神话和传说 像雪,悄悄的降落 于是诗人,他在最灵感的 时刻,将你写成诗句 你从天上来,带着 隽美的形象 像雪,悄悄的降落 于是画家,他在最灵感的 时刻,将你绘成山水 你从天上来,带着 天河的水色 像雪,悄悄的降落 于是歌手,他在最疯狂的 时刻,将你唱成热浪 你从天上来,带着 宇宙的神秘 像雪,悄悄的降落 于是天文家,他在最瞭望的 时刻, 将鴒看成星座


You come from the heaven With the myths and rumors As snow falling silently Thus the poet, when he senses that at most inspired Writing you into the poem You come from the heaven With a beauteous figure As snow falling silently Thus the artist, when he wanders off in most vividly Painting you into the landscape You come from the heaven With the Milky-Way’s water colors As snow falling silently Thus the singer, when he excites at most madly Singing you into the heat-wave You come from the heaven With the mystery of universe As snow falling silently Thus the astronomer, when he looks at most far-off Treating you as a constellation


Prickly Pear

一队队小天兵 从天空骤降 不戴钢盔 不荷冑甲 却披上一身晶亮的武装 从四面八方袭来 将我重重围困 围困在中央 这个小小天地啊 一下子 便成了战场 谈判仍归谈判 战事,一直在延长 困在四面楚歌中的 我 几时成了 楚霸王?


A file of heaven soldiers Coming rapidly from the sky They don't wear helmet And bear no amour Yet draping in crystal, fully armed to the teeth Immediately Becomes a battlefield Negotiation after negotiation War, still delaying Besieged by the Chu song In all directions When I have become Chu Pa Wang? Note: Chu Pa Wang (HSIANG YU) after he hear the songs of chu in all directions, and realizes that himself being defeated by Han, then he flees to Wu Chiang, a river in north Anhwei , where connect to the death of him.

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