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Hsia Ching

夏菁,是盛志澄的笔名,浙江嘉兴人.美国科罗拉多州立大学硕士,曾任联合国专家及科罗拉多教授等职。夏菁是台湾 “蓝星诗社” 创始人之一,是《诗天空》双语季刊顾问。自1954年出版第一本诗集起,已有九种,包括近年出版的《雪岭》(2003)和《夏菁短诗选》(2004)等。另出版有散文四种。其诗文,近年来常在美国、台湾、香港中文报纸及期刊发表。夏菁现居科罗拉多州的可临视堡。

Hsia Ching, the pen name of Ted (Tse) C. Sheng, was born in Zhejiang, China in 1925. He received his M.S. degree from the Colorado State University (1966) and has worked with the United Nations and taught at the Colorado State University. Hsia Ching was one of the founders of the Blue Stars Poetry Society in Taiwan in early Fifties. Since his first collection of poems published in 1954, he has produced a total of nine volumes of poems including the recent two: A Snow-capped Peak (2003) and Selected Poems of Hsia Ching (2004).


Hsia Ching


A Roadside Robin

一只褐腹的知更 在路旁啄一条蚯蚓 我走过时他只抬一抬头 不愿放弃他的战利品 我下意识地拍一下手 他只是倒退了几寸 似乎不甘放弃他的美味 重拍时,他才直飞树顶 我不知为甚要如此 和他去计较或相争 这可能是人类的优越感 做什么事都恣意任性 后来,我到远处窥探 他会不会回来找寻? 也许,他不齿我的作为 让我的歉意,无处可申


A robin with a brown belly Was picking a live worm at the roadside She only lifted her head when I passed by Unwilling to give up her captive I clapped my hands unconsciously She withdrew a few inches only As if she would not abandon her delicacy Until I did loudly, she flew away I don't know why I did this To compete or just to make a fuss Could it be our sense of human superiority That we do whatever we please I hide myself afar to steal a look Would she come back again? I am afraid she has already despised me And leaves my regrets with nowhere to rest


Old Age

一本书高搁以后 不知要到那年那月 拉起弓射出之前 找不到标的,也丢失了箭 听风在林梢穿过 便随着它,出神去远 看夕阳落海的美景 却仰慕一颗颤颤的黄昏星


After a book is shelved Who knows when it will be found A stretched bow not yet fired Finds no target, and arrows are lost Hearing the wind comb the forest's limbs I follow, and drift far away in thought Watching the sun descend into the ocean How I envy the trembling evening star.

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