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Yuan Liang


Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He moved to Shanghai with his parents while he attended elementary school. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is a member of PoetrySky Poets Association and he has published a book of poetry Beneath the Wall of April (2009). He lives in Southern California.


Yuan Liang


In The Woods

走进树林 树干上刀的印痕 回响着狩猎的野性呼唤 折断的树枝像一根手指 暮色开始膨胀 我想到血,想到愈合的伤口 想到伏树祈祷的少女 长满苔藓的树根钻出地面 青蛇盘旋,向着溪水爬行 我没有退路,逃进自己 在纵横的红河边徘徊 外部和内部,相看两不厌 树叶哗哗作响 风声的话语很轻 树上的果子开始变形 马头,牛头,鸟头,豹头 拨开枝叶,朝我吐出舌头 它们说的话我听不清楚 也不知道它们的形象本身 对我象征着什么,预示着什么 否则,我也会写一部神曲 从树根之下,一直写到 树巅瞄准的黎明 但这不是但丁获救的黑森林 没有引路的维吉尔 也没有以昔日恋人命名的 带领人飞升的仙女 我始终是在自言自语 我是我自己的森林


Entering the woods on trunks, the slash of a sword echoes the wild call of hunting The broken branch like a finger The dark begins to swell I think of blood, the wound and the girl clinging to the tree, praying The root full of moss climbs out the ground Black snake twists, moving towards a brook I do not have a leeway, but retreat to myself wandering on crossed river banks and enjoying seeing exterior within Leaves rattle Wind whistles Fruits on trees begin to show metamorphose Heads of horses, ox, birds, and leopards poking through leaves and making face at me I barely hear what they are saying and don't know what they symbolize and indicate to me Otherwise, I would write a divine comedy from beneath the root, till the dawn aimed at by a top of the tree But this is not Dante's dark woods where he got salvation There is neither Virgil who leads the way Nor the fairy named after ex-lover leading transcending I soliloquize all the time I am my own woods

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