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Ruan Wright

Ruan Wright, born and educated in Great Britain, has lived in the U.S. since 1996. She now lives in the south-western suburbs of Chicago. Her work has received many awards and has been published in many literary journals. She is a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society, Chair of the Naperville Writers Group, and assistant fiction editor of Fifth Wednesday Journal. Her poetry collection thought-fish was published by Moon Journal Press in 2009.



William Marr (Fei Ma)

诗人非马出版有十四本诗集 (除《秋窗 》是英文外,其它都是中文) 以及几本翻译,包括双语诗选《让盛宴开始──我喜爱的英文诗》。他还编选出版了几本台湾及中国现代诗选。他是前任伊利诺州诗人协会的会长,现居芝加哥。

William Marr (Fei Ma) is the author of fourteen books of poetry (all in his native Chinese language except Autumn Window which is in English) and several books of translations, including the bilingual anthology Let the Feast Begin—My Favorite English Poems.  He has also edited and published several anthologies of contemporary Taiwanese and Chinese poetry.  A longtime resident of Chicago, he served from 1993 to 1995 as the president of the Illinois State Poetry Society.



If I were a man I would keep my counsel And not worry about being understood I'd have my views and they'd be my own Bad or good I wouldn't get upset if you disagreed– For my right to be right Is my right, after all. If I were a man I would fight for my cause And not be persuaded by your point of view I'd enjoy the battle, then shake hands Win or lose I wouldn't expect us to fully agree – But I'd know what was true And that truth does prevail. If I were a man dust wouldn't bother me I'd swipe it with my hankie, maybe rub with My sleeve, or write my name upon it Clean or not I'd have my fun, do as I please. Everyone Knows dust is impossible And always comes back again. If I were a man I wouldn't be writing this I'd be fishing or snoozing or watching the game Or getting my girl to play – But she's telling me how she feels Blaming me, crying Dusty smears into my handkerchief And telling me to leave.


如果我是个男人我会不露声色 而不担心会被误解 我将有我自己的看法 好或坏 我不会不高兴要是你不同意— 毕竟,保有对的权利 是我的权利。 如果我是男人我会为我的目标奋斗 而不被你的观点所说服。 我会享受我的争斗,然后握手 赢或输 我不期望我们完全同意— 但我会知道什么是真实 而真理将获胜。 如果我是个男人我不会为灰尘而烦恼 我会用我的手帕挥去,也许用我的袖子 擦拭,或在它上面写我的名字 干净与否 我会自得其乐,高兴做什么就做什么。大家 都知道灰尘很难对付 总会再回来。 如果我是个男人我便不会写这个 我会去钓鱼或睡懒觉或看球赛 或找我的女孩子玩—— 但她正告诉我她的感觉 责怪我,哭泣 把我的手帕搞得脏兮兮 还要我滚。

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