Yidan Han

Guotai Xiong


Guotai Xiong was born in ShangRao, JiangXi Province in 1962. His work appeared in many journals and newspapers and he has published a book of poetry. He is an associate professor of Wenzhou University.


Ashley Zhang


Ashley Zhang received Bachelor's Degree from Wuhan Science & Technique University. She works as a translator.


Still Waters

心从远方归来,发现群山昂首河流丰盈 但已非旧时颜色,这便是命运 且记取:永远流浪的是心灵而非身体 静水流深!浪花只是一个个短命的水泡 少年追逐潮流,中年撤回岸上 河床上游传来的第三声吆喝,不挥自去


Soul flies back far away, Overlooking mountains rising up and rivers growing, Which have been greatly changing. Just like predetermined. Remember— It is the soul wanders, never the body. Still waters run deep! Spray is never more than ephemeral bubbles. Youngsters swim with the tide, And return back on middle age. The third cry, Coming from the upper reach of the river, Disappears, Arousing no awareness.


Playing Cards

面对光阴,你可曾玩过一张张纸牌 小时候用它测算过时运和婚姻 现在它变身,成了一块块锋利的玻璃片 切忌:用玩纸牌的方式发毒誓 或者向生活抗辩。如果灵魂已溃散或破碎 是命运,它最后玩了你一把翻牌游戏


Facing the time have you ever played cards? When young, playing cards were once for fortune-telling and marriage prediction. Now, it turns to be pieces of sharp-edged glass. Never swear in the way of playing cards, Nor defy life. When the soul collapses and falls in to pieces, It is the life who finally gives you a critical hit by a hidden good play.


The Wild Horse

心,突然下沉;或突然飘浮上升 甚至向前或向后摆动……这一切来得 都没缘由,更没有人可以阻止 我心狂野!可多年前就已陷入困顿 我无所需求,却偏要一片洒满月光的草地 像马儿所到之处,莫不是自由的疆土


The heart is beating, down and up violently, And even swinging back and forth. —Everything happens so naturally, And nothing can stop it. Though my wild heart, I got trapped long before. Nothing fascinates me, but a tract of moonlit grassland, For wherever the wild horse goes, the land of freedom extends.


The Roof

屋顶挺高。一根鱼骨天线比屋顶更高 最顶层的阳台是哪位主人的耳朵? 听风声和雨声,是否也能听清云游的声音 最高处的污垢,不断堆积在屋顶的污垢 一直无人打扫;连乌云的投影 也没人清除。因为生活从来就没高过屋顶


The roof stands high. A fish-bone antenna stands higher. Who is the man on the balcony of the top floor? Weather his ears can hear the clouds wandering besides the wind and rain? The dirt on the top, accumulating on the roof, Has never been cleared, nor the shadow of the black clouds, For life has never stood higher than the roof.

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