Yidan Han

Yan Li


Poet, painter, fiction writer, born in 1954 in Beijing, China. He is a member of a vanguard artist group "The Stars" founded in 1979 and an underground literary group "Today" in Beijing. As a poet, he is regarded as one of the members of the Misty Poets. He came to US in 1985 and founded quarterly journal Yi-Hang in New York in 1987. His poems have been translated into French, Italian, English, Swedish, Korean and German. He has held many exhibitions and published a number of books. He lives in Shanghai and New York.


Denis Mair

Poet and translator. He is a co-translator of Frontier Taiwan(Columbia). His book of poems Man Cut in Wood was published by Valley Contemporary Press in 2003. He has lectured on the I CHING at the Temple School of Poetry (Walla Walla).

诗人和中英文翻译。 曾翻译了很多中国现代诗人的作品介绍给美国的诗坛,曾任美国西北部诗刊《诗庙》的编辑。他是美国哥伦比亚大学出版社出版的有关台湾的“前沿”一书的翻译者之一。他还曾在《寺庙》创办的诗人学校里讲课。他的个人诗集《刻在木头里的人》2003年由美国当代山谷出版社出版。


Observing The Earth

我曾有过一个美妙的清晨 坐在湖边静静地 让各种鸟嘀声灌入身体 忽然从背后的密林 或脑海的深处飘来一句: 湖中的鱼 比你更享受鸟儿的歌声 为此我记住了 有人在人类背后观察地球

Early one morning I had a marvelous time Sitting quietly beside a lake Letting birdcalls suffuse my body Suddenly from the thick woods behind me Or deep in my mind came these words: "The fish in the lake Enjoy the birdsongs more than you" Thus I keep in mind that someone else In a hidden place is observing the earth


Before the Bet

下注之前 要研究股票市场是如何 受全球各种事件的影响 譬如以某个 著名篮球队几年来的战绩 来判断球鞋市场未来的销售 然后 下 注 下注之前 要研究电脑 研究高科技的发展趋势 研究各种疾病 还要根据生物学社会学 心理学以及化学和物理学 气候学植物学的连锁反应 然后 下 注 下注之前 要研究总经理、总裁 或者政府的结构 总理的人格 要研究执行副总裁的老婆 对其丈夫的影响 研究移民政策和外交内幕 研究虚荣和贿赂的重量 研究法律和政策上的漏洞 更要研究背后有没有人跟踪 然后 下 注 下注之前 或者就灌上三杯酒 把所有的研究抛在脑后 直 接 下 注

Before making the bet Study how the stock market Is influenced by global events For instance by determining The future sales of basketball shoes Based on statistics of a famous team And then Make The bet Before making the bet Learn about computers Learn developing trends in high technology Learn about all kinds of diseases Know chain reactions based on sociology and biology Along with psychology, chemistry and physics Don't forget meteorology and botany And then Make The bet Before making the bet Learn about the top manager and C.E.O. Or the structure of the government The character of the premier Learn what influence a wife may have If her husband is the acting chairman Learn immigration policies and shadow diplomacy Learn the weight of vanity and bribes Study loopholes in laws and regulations Check if anyone is doing surveillance And then Make The bet Before making the bet Maybe just gulp down three glasses of wine Put all that you’ve studied out of your mind Just Go ahead and Make The bet


Beautiful Word

"输掉了" 是一个美妙的词 我把贫困输掉了 我把痛苦输掉了 我把疾病输掉了 问题是输给谁 哪一家赌场 哪一届政府 甚至 哪一位上帝有如此的雅量 但接下来的问题是 我的雅量好像更大 我一直在赢

Actually there is beauty In the word "lost" Suppose I bet my poverty and lost it Or bet my pain and lost it Or bet my illness and lost it The problem is whom will I lose to? What kind of casino, what government Or even what God Possesses the tolerance to it all in? The problem that follows from this Is that my tolerance is even greater I keep on winning

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