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Cao Dong


Cao Dong was born in Wusheng, Guangan, Sichuan Province, in January, 1971. He has published works in various journals including The People's Literature, Chinese Prose, Sichuan Literature. He won the 16th Bingxin Prize for Children's Literature and the 12th Sichuan Daily Prize for Literature.


Edgar Dive

戴玨毕业于伦敦政治经济学院和澳大利亚国立大学。其中英诗作及译诗曾发表于《诗选刊》台湾《创世纪》《乾坤诗刊》、美国《诗天空》、香港《Yuan Yang》等。现居于香港。

Edgar Dive studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Australian National University. His poems and translations appeared in a number of literary journals including Poetry Selected, Epoch Poetry Quarterly, Chien Kun Poetry Quarterly, Poetry Sky, Yuan Yang. He lives in Hong Kong.


Ants Transport Dusk on the Ground

薄得很,大街上的人群 在黄昏到来前,表情陈旧 被速度涂上一层虚幻的药粉 欲望的蔓草,长满缝隙 在锈蚀的 百货公司面前,影子低垂 不断滑落三两声唏嘘 初入城市者,站在顶端 像一头准备出行的鲸,身体幽暗 内心湿润 他知道,蚂蚁在大地上搬运黄昏 惟有黑夜,锋芒闪烁 能将这个世界修剪整齐


Rather thin, the crowds on the streets Wearing their old expressions, are dabbed Before dusk with a layer of illusory powder by tempo The weeds of desire run wild in cracks In front of a rusty Department store, there're hanging shadows Constantly dropping two or three heaving sighs The newcomer to the city stands at the top Like a whale setting out on a journey, his body is somber And his heart moist He knows that ants transport dusk on the ground Only night, its sharp edges shining Can trim this world neat



深夜我醒着。 我听见一些脚步声,坚定地离开。 梦想、友情 散乱的青春 凝固在一起的往事。 听到伐木者,在阴晦的林间挥舞斧头 月光碎裂,低沉。我身上木屑纷飞。 我在变,越来越轻 现在,只剩下一点身体的废墟......


Awakened in the depths of night, I hear footsteps resolutely leaving. Dreams, friendships, my disheveled youth — old days that curdle together. I hear a woodcutter's axe flying in the murky woods. The lowering moonlight is in shatters. Chips of wood fly off my flesh. I'm changing, becoming lighter and lighter; what's left of me are only ruins...


So Many Lights

许多灯,在我身体的房间 亮着。我轻轻走动 它们就摇晃 影子松软,啮咬一些痛觉 我上班下班,挤公交车 陪领导笑谈。十年了 竟无人发现 只在一人时,我才小心地打开 并一一清点,哪些灯已经熄灭


In my bodily room, many lights are burning. As I pace lightly they will sway with spongy shadows, gnawing some pains I go to work and leave work, cram into buses And schmooze the leaders. It's been ten years nobody's noticed Only when alone, will I gingerly open it and check the lights one by one to see which of them have gone out

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