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Junhua He


Junhua He has published poems in dozens of journals. He is a student of Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities.


Junhua He


Too Much Care Upsets My Mind

有太多顾虑让我不能安静下来 写诗是唯一的方法 你们把人间搅得这样混乱 不堪。我只需要一间房子 不必宽敞,但是有足够的光线 偶尔有鸟飞过 衔走我的孤独


oh, too much care upsets my mind writing poetry is the only way to calm me you mess up the world, so unbearable I need nothing but a house of my own not spacious but with enough light a bird flies over it once in a while to take my solitude away


To My Father at Dabie Mountain

谁都不会在意我的诗 只有你,我的父亲 你视若珍宝 它带不来金钱和楼房 也换不回油盐和大米 在那幢二十年都没有拆的老屋 你静静地捧读它 你总是相信你的儿子会有大出息 终有一天衣锦还乡 这个时候 我总是落下泪来


nobody cares about my poems but you - my father - you treasure them they cannot bring money and house nor be exchanged for oil, salt and rice you silently read these poems in that old house of twenty years you always believe in my future success that one day I'll return home in glory however, at moments like this I can never hold back my tears

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