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H. K. Tang

邓洪基是退休大学教授, 生於香港, 1968年移民到加拿大, 现居新加坡, 在多国受教育和工作, 曾发表多篇学术性文章以及短篇故事。

H. K. Tang was born in Hong Kong. He emigrated to Canada in 1968 and have worked internationally. Recently he retired from teaching engineering and management at university. He has published academic research papers as well as fictional short stories.


Dong Ling

冬菱於一九四九年香港出生, 在香港大学修畢數理學後曾任職中學教師。一九七二年移居澳洲, 近年喜作律詩自娛。

Dong Ling was born in 1949 in Hong Kong. She taught in secondary school after graduating from University of Hong Kong where she studied mathematics and physics. In 1972 she emigrated to Australia and has been writing Chinese poems primarily as a source of enjoyment.


Voyage In Autumn

当肃杀的秋气 渗着茫茫无奈, 当悲愤和凄酸 在回首中令心灵饱受煎熬, 即动身朝岸边去吧, 是出海舒怀的时候了. 值着黄昏之际启航, 天地总是一片柔醇, 到处闪着点点金辉。 半沉的夕阳并不孤单, 身旁满是水光依随。 若然朋友因远离, 或留岸而未能同行, 还有繁星可齐来和唱。 历尽沧桑的一轮幽月, 总会默默慰藉受创的心灵。 随波轻奏的摇篮调, 亦能在梦乡冰释误会, 平复委曲。 当你醒来时, 微风抚脸, 晨曦正破晓, 海鸥在呼唤。 且将心扉敞开, 一如沧海, 让百川来汇, 让万物皆容。


When the air in austere autumn Is a fog of resignation. When quiet anger or deep sorrow Rack the soul in retrospection. Proceed to the nearest seashore. A trip for the spirit is due. Sail at dusk when all is mellow And resplendent with golden hue. A half set sun is not lonely As the sea keeps it company. If friends are gone or stay ashore Let the stars sing in harmony. The moon with scars from life's battles Soothes many wounded souls at night. Let the waves sing a lullaby. In dreams the wrongs can be set right. Be awakened by the breeze when Sunbeams burst with the seagulls' call. Open our hearts, just like the sea Taking the rivers, mud and all.


Ode to Maple

春媚夏暖不能留 草木只得顺变 在昼日渐短的秋季 灰空下的枫色却愈趋灼热 园林盖上一冕熊熊烈火 似是庆祝功成身退 枯叶陆续萎坠 在层层红黄褐色中 我拾到完美无瑕的一片 这一叶嫣红将会跟随我 共度单调长冬 她的脉络写满往日之歌 在我的斗室中爲这知音咏叹 枝空叶尽的槭枫 从阴郁的冬地退隐下来 如禅僧放下尘世枷锁 在朔风中韬光养晦 明年三月树液再流 梢头孕育青葱生气 待我驱车前往枫蜜浆营 来接新春降临雪地


The warmth and youth of summer could not stay. To nature's rhythm maples trees obey. As autumn days grow shorter everyday, Their hue glows warmer while the sky turns grey. The park becomes a forest of flaming crowns Rejoice, the tasks and duties have been done. Then leaves on leaves they fall, red, gold and brown. Among them, neat and bright, a perfect one. This crimson maple leaf will come along On a winter's journey so monochrome. It'll be a friend, whose veins are full of songs, Who sings the old times in my cozy room. With branches dull and bare, the maple trees Detach themselves from the dreary wintry world. They grow and tend their roots, as burden free As monks of zen, while blue northern winds whirl. So, they'll be fresh and sweet when they revive In March, and sugar sap begins to flow. Then, to a maple syrup camp I'll drive And welcome spring when it’s still white with snow.

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