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Mary Ann Eiler

Mary Ann Eiler holds an M.A. in English and a Ph.D in linguistics. She developed classes in the graduate school at the Illinois Institute of Technology and has also taught in high school and community colleges. In 2007 she retired from the American Medical Association, where she wrote on business, technical, and health care issues. She was accepted as a participant in poetry at the Bread Loaf and Aspen Writing Conferences. She lives in Oak Park, Illinois, where she is writing her first novel Feasts of the Virgin.



William Marr (Fei Ma)

诗人非马出版有十四本诗集 (除《秋窗 》是英文外,其它都是中文) 以及几本翻译,包括双语诗选《让盛宴开始──我喜爱的英文诗》。他还编选出版了几本台湾及中国现代诗选。他是前任伊利诺州诗人协会的会长,现居芝加哥。

William Marr (Fei Ma) is the author of fourteen books of poetry (all in his native Chinese language except Autumn Window which is in English) and several books of translations, including the bilingual anthology Let the Feast Begin—My Favorite English Poems.  He has also edited and published several anthologies of contemporary Taiwanese and Chinese poetry.  A longtime resident of Chicago, he served from 1993 to 1995 as the president of the Illinois State Poetry Society.



from Love's Fierce Beauty: The Changing Seasons of a Woman's Heart I'm different, I warned. I know. It's OK. Words never heard before That day of unforgiving snow When I nursed my atonality In the winter squall of my soul, Convinced no one wanted me. I expected retreat - The raw scourge for my excess. I tried to confess I am too intense. But all I said was Don't leave. That day you came to visit me. I bet you play the piano beautifully. No, not so, not in years. I wanted you to hear The dark inversions of my heart - My unfinished rhapsodies Rooted in disharmony. And so I begged Don't leave Until the silken cadence of your tongue Struck muted keys and Flung me like a lost uncertain note Into the music of infinity. That solstice eve As the landscape slept in ice and the cold, bent fingers of the sun Played obliquity with the trees, You emptied me of all my dissonance. And so the tempo went Until the winter moon's opening night When harmony became less than innocent.


采自爱的野美人: 善变的女人心 我与众不同,我警告。 我知道,没问题。 在那个无情大雪的日子之前 从未听过的话 当我在我灵魂的严冬里 培养我的无调性 确信没有人要我。 我预期退却— 天谴我的无节制。 我试着忏悔 我太紧张了。 但我只说 别走。 那天你来看我。 我打赌你钢琴弹得很美。 不,不行,好几年没弹了。 我要你听 我心中黑暗的旋逆— 我未完成的狂想曲 植根于不协调。 就这样我祈求 别走 直到你舌头的丝般节奏 敲击喑哑的琴键 把我象一个迷失彷徨的音符 甩入音乐的无垠。 那个冬至黄昏 当风景在冰中沉睡 而太阳冰冷弯曲的手指 玩弄着树们, 你把我所有的不协和音都倾空了。 就这样拍子继续 直到冬月的开幕之夜 当和声变得不那么清白。

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