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Mu Cao was born in Xihua County, Henan Province in 1974. His publications include a collection of poems The Age of Transsexuals, a long poem The Bible of Sunflower, a novel The Abandoned Babies and The Lake for the Abandoned Babies, and a collection of short stories One Hundred Lan Yus' Scream.


Ashley Zhang

杨宗泽(1953 — ) 笔名:瘦路;山东平度人,毕业于山东师范大学外文系。中国作家协会会员。2005年获“蔡丽双博士-世界诗歌奖-杰出翻译家奖”。已出版的著作有:诗集《浪漫季节》,诗歌翻译集《贺敬之短诗选》,《吉狄马加短诗选》,《白汉伊诗选》等十多本。

Yang Zongze (1953— ) is a contemporary Chinese poet and translator. He is a native of Pingdu City, Shandong Province and a member of Chinese Writers Association. In 2005, he was awarded Dr. Choi Laisheung Prize for World Poetry. His publications include a book of poetry My Romantic Season, translations of poetry Selected Verses by He Jingzhi, Selected Verses of Jidi Majia and many others.



简单的房子破了旧了 不再需要灯光和读书声 苔藓的味道留在几块湿湿的断墙上 萎缩的黑木耳期待着四处流浪的雨 一只被主人抛弃的猫坚持生活在人世间 朵朵白云向南迁移 片片蝴蝶向南飞去 忧伤的小草站在枯木的背影中 迷茫的花香坠入黄昏的脚印…… 一颗年少孤独的心不再长大 沿着废墟的轨道 在晚风中慢慢地消失


The simple house is getting old It doesn't need any light or reading voice any more The taste of moss clings to the wet broken walls The atrophied black fungus are expecting a wandering rainfall An abandoned cat tries to live in man’s world White clouds are moving toward the south Butterflies are flying toward the south Sorrowful grass stands in the shadow of a withered tree A confused flowery fragrance has fallen into dusk’s footprints … A young and lonely heart doesn't grow any longer Disappearing in the evening wind slowly Along the track of the ruins

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