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Guotai Xiong


Guotai Xiong was born in ShangRao, JiangXi Province in 1962. His work appeared in many journals and newspapers and he has published a book of poetry. He is an associate professor of Wenzhou University.


Ashley Zhang


Ashley Zhang received Bachelor's Degree from Wuhan Science & Technique University. She works as a translator.


The Honeysuckle

根要怎样深入才不会板结?叶子要怎样 悬浮才不会稀稀落落?困境 若已定型,凭什么理由才能再活下去? 水冷侵骨!忍,成了最不优秀的品质 但一根比针还要细小的草茎 做了叛臣贼子,愤怒写下对冬天的反诗


However deep the roots extend can they avoid hardening? However high the leaves are suspended can they avoid fluttering down? When trapped in difficulties, where can I reach to strive to live again? When the freezing water chills the bone, endurance becomes the most primary quality. However, the grass blade, slighter than a needle, has rebelled, writing an indignant anti-winter poem.


Deep Breath

一场冻雨联袂一场大雪,从天上砸下来 叫那些广玉兰叶子很不安静 而我在室内深呼吸,只能对着窗玻璃哈热气 事实上,我并不惧怕雪雨的骤然降临 只是担心:在白茫然的大地上 亲人将散落天涯,死亡之讯要传回耳边


A heavy snow, together with an icy rain, strike the ground from the sky, Agitating the leaves of the Yulan magnolia. And I can only breathe deeply, huffing at the window. Actually, it isn't sudden snowstorm that scares me, But the dreadful worry that above this vast white, Loved ones might stray away, And terrible news might reach my ear.

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