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Yuan Yin


Yuan Yin, originally Tian Shao Qing. Born in 1970s in Qingdao, Shandong. Her poems have been published in Qingdao Literature and many others. She has published a book of poetry Short Poems.


Yuan Yin



一池没有发芽的水 在划浆的摇动下起着波澜 风帆从春天引向秋天 湖里的荷苞还未打开 我已经看到那个背影 或许是一种悲哀 或许是一种喜悦 如果冬天还没有飘雪 我就用诗弥补 内心的荒凉


A pool of water without burgeon Great waves are made by the paddle A vail of wind leads from spring to fall The lotus in lake hasn't opened Yet I have seen it receding Perhaps it's sadness Perhaps it's gladness If there is no snow in winter Inner desolation I will make up for With poems


The Vagrant

家在云上漂泊 心, 随风飞到山清水秀的乡村 乡音用沉重的情调 催落难以忍受的泪水 我听到田里的青蛙 喊着我十几年没有听到的乳名 漂泊的岁月改变着人生 惟有拉着长腔的家乡话 深深铭刻在土唇上 即使睡着,也流露出几句汉耕泥土的梦话 一年一个仲秋夜 只要月光割不碎千里婵娟的心 我将在这面镜子下梳理菜根似的发丝 远远眺望,满身淳朴的乡亲


My home is vagrant above the clouds My heart flies with the wind to scenic country Local song is heavy with sentiment Drawing out tears difficult to bear I hear the frog in the cropland Calling my long forgotten infant name Vagrant years change a life Only the local accent of my hometown Remains embossed upon my lips Even in dreams I mutter the sleepy words of a Chinese farmer. At each mid-autumn night If the moonlight refrains from slicing my heart I will comb out these stalks in the mirror And gaze into the hearts of those simple villagers

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