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Xi Nan

西楠,原名黄南希,曾用名黄楠稀, 80后,伦敦政治经济学院比较政治学硕士。文学作品及新闻报道等发表于BBC中文网、中国新闻社伦敦分社、《南方日报》《羊城晚报》、美国《侨报》、英国华文媒体《英中时报》《新欧华报》及数家英文杂志等。现居伦敦。

Xi Nan, originally name Nanxi Huang, post-80s generation. Graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her literary work and other articles have been appeared in BBC UKChina, China News Service, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, The China Press / US Qiaobao, EU Chinese Journal, UK Chinese Times, and several English Magazines, etc. She lives in London.


Xi Nan


The Lost Footnote On The Map

失语 如同岩石那样切割喉管 追光灯下,烟雾迷离 在窗棱的嘶吼中 浓缩成一滩厚泥,铸成歪曲的泥碗 等待你的失落 如同等待我的 是谁,险些将可能性封锁 是什么,依旧顽固攀越狭长隧道 走过来 太远还是太近,焦点发虚 七彩的颜色聚成一簇 混沌反射在镜中,不过是循环往复的 无数个我 但这不是个好理由,于是 在丢失注脚的地图上 绕道远行,来回走动 狂奔向那深冬夜里 无法辨识的,涌动的地平线


Aphasia Like a rock cutting its throat Under the spotlight, smokes blurred In the roar of the window edge Condense into a pool of thick mud, casts a distorted muddy bowl Waiting for your loss Is like waiting for mine Who was that? An almost blocked possibility What is it? Still stubbornly climbing through the long narrow tunnel Coming Too far or too close, the focus is vague Colours turn into a cluster Chaos reflected in the mirror, are merely samsaras of Numerous me But this is not a good excuse, so On the map that lost footnote Makes a detour, walks back and forth Running into a deep winter night, toward the Unrecognizable, surging horizon


No Accomplice

现在就死去! 如此往复的呢喃着 匍匐,蠕动,在这里 未必就可以不失去,但你 不是同谋 尽管成为血红色欲望的始作俑者 你并不清楚,这秘密策划的 极度狂欢,幻灭之后 起誓接连破碎,除爱情之外 亦未能幸免于难 瓦解的,铺成了碎石子路 无论通向地狱或天堂,审判者 都面临着罹难人 陨落之后最坚忍的沉静 滚动的浪潮穿上外套,划不出一道泪痕


Die now! Such mutterings back and forth Crawling, creeping, here May not escape from loss, but you Are not an accomplice Despite being the initiator of sanguineous desire You do not know about this secretly planned carinival that breaks after disillusion Vows smash into pieces, besides love Nothing achieves survival Fragments, pave the cobbled road Whether in heaven or in hell, judges Face the rigid silence of those dead After the fall A rolling wave puts on its coat, not a stroke of tear stains

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