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Keba King


Keba King, originally JinXueShun, born in the mid 1970s. He has published a book of nonfiction Lonely Flower Falling Silently. He lives in Shenzhen.


Keba King


When The River Flows To Its Distant Place

当河流向远方飘去 对于生活,我又能说些什么 也许我该佯装欢喜 津津乐道的清点自己踉跄的脚印 然后对着太阳祈祷重生 我不会热衷让荆棘一次次的吮吸着鲜血 也很少回忆一路上遇上些什么 我不会面向憔悴的花丛说 希望生活再来一遍 当童年一次又一次被冰冷的水没过脚髁 我看见父亲撒下长长的背影 然后跟随河流进行恒久的旅程 对于生活,我又能说些什么 这些年我的生活一直跟印刷有关 氤氲的油漆气味蹂躏着嗅觉 它们据说为了美化某个事物而纠集在一起 失贞后的纸屑在眼前漫舞 以卑微生活的名义将我滞留在那个舞台 而我向往另外的天空 我像手无寸铁的游击战士 辗转在一个又一个黢黑的房子里 面带窘色地探寻着水、食物、爱情和生育 这仅仅是呼吸困难的生活小小的细节 当河流向远方飘去 请把过往的关在栅栏外面 我只祈求一缕稻香诉说着和平岁月的安宁 而微光在某个角落映照出褚黄色的健康 当河流向远方飘去,我觉得够了 在人类无法掌握的永恒面前 那是凄美迷失的正常姿态 对于生活,我又能说些什么


When the river flows to its distant place what I can say to life, Maybe I should pretend to be happy Talk about the inventory of my own footprints Then pray for the rebirth of the sun I'm not keen that thorns suck my blood again and again. I rarely recall the memories of what I experienced. I will not say to the flowers going to die-away That I wish life would start over. When my childhood was flooded again and again by the cold water I saw my father leave a long shadow, and start a forever journey with the river. What can I say to life, My life has been related with print all these years, The smell of paint has reaked havoc on my smelling. It was said that they were to make it better together. The used paper dances over there. Let me stay in that stage in the name of humble life I yearn for another sky I look like unarmed guerrillas Walking from one dark house to another, Looking for water, food, love, and virility with embarrassment These are just the details of life which trouble breathing When the river flows to its distant place, Please stop up the past outside the fence I only pray that rice can tell us about the peaceful years And that dim light reflects yellow health in a corner I think it’s enough When the river flows to its distant place, Humans unable to grasp the eternal stand before a Poignant, lost, but normal atmosphere For life, what can I say

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