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Zhijuan Ni


Zhijuan Ni was born in Hubei Province in China in 1970. She holds a PHD degree in philosophy. She has published a number of translations in poetry. She teaches and lives in Hangzhou.


Zhijuan Ni



夜晚,你是对话者 是墙壁 是幽暗的光 照见走来的身影 雾气似的爬满玻璃 中午,是一 分为二的地方 阳光下的人 都有投水的冲动 你在酒杯中寻找渊源 像是一种召唤: “只有一个人理解我 而他也并非真正理解”


Night You are my companion Wall And dim light, Silhouettes approach climbing the glass like fog. Noon is a place Where one is divided into two, And everyone under the sun Burns to drown You seek for beginnings in a glass, like a beckon: "Only one person can understand me, And he doesn’t really get it."


Meditation In The Spring Breeze

春天吹送着奇异的二重奏 如同一本诗集中的 两页 我读到了喜悦和忧伤 绿色在青草的身体中继续奔跑 一小片树叶 就要掠过少女清凉的眼神 在植物的气息中 仿佛有谁正在走近 从他的微笑 诞生了鸟语花香 从他的眼泪,诞生了你和我


Spring blows a strange duet Like two pages in a collection of poems I read about joy and sorrow Green is running across the body of grass A small leaf Skirts over a girl’s cool look Surrounded by the breath of a plant Like someone approaching From whose smile Birds sing and flowers profume From whose tears, come you and I



冬天过去了很久 雪人还活着 我们看不见他 他的声音 隐藏在我们的歌声中 当我们感到悲伤 伸出手 如同寻找依靠 我们也许穿透了雪人的身躯 在越来越炽烈的阳光下 雪人的寒冷被渴望 原野上的生机与雪人无关 他开始融化 我们的身躯变得僵硬 一团火焰的灰烬 将使人忆起风雪中永恒的孤独


Winter passed a long time ago, The snowman is still alive. We can not see him, His voice Hides in our singing. When we feel sad He reaches out Looking for support. Maybe we are through the Snowman's body. Under the blazing sun The snowman's cold is desired. The vitality of the field is unrelated to the Snowman. He begins to melt. Our bodies are frozen stiff. The ashes of a fire will cause one to remember the eternal loneliness of snow.

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