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Yongtian Pu

蒲永天, 诗人,现居甘肃省临洮县。

Yongtian Pu is a Chinese poet who lives in Gansu Province.


Yongtian Pu


Peach Blossom

古旧的庄窠 深深 深几许 就会有几只鸟儿的鸣叫 点亮深处的灯盏 古朴的梦想 就会在桃花的杯盏里 春天一样亮起来 亮起来 一束火焰 穿透村庄的黑棉袄 桃花 谁在喊这朵水灵的名字 谁在呼应 谁在争先恐后 从静寂的枝头 露出姣好的面容 三月的庄窠周围 柳树白杨树 如父如兄的目光里 一群火焰姣好的面容集体舞蹈 如刀如剪 把一袭春天的黑袍子 剪成一片灿灿阳光 桃花 三月里的出门的女子 飞过的鸟儿 丢下了火种 一束火焰渴望生出翅膀 村里村外 坝上塘边 桃花朵朵开 她们的身影 在集结 叠加 一场洪流在不断壮大


The ancient village so deep So deep several birds fill it whistling Lamps lighting up the deep Simple dreams fit into the bosom of a peach blossom Spring lights up Like a bundle of flames Cutting through the black padding of the village Peach blossom who is shouting this little watery name Who echoes, who now rushes in From the branches of silence shows a fair countenance March surrounds the village Poplar trees and willows are like a father and brothers’eyes A group of burning beauties dances together Like a knife, like scissors it cuts through Spring’s black robes Slicing a ray of sunshine Peach blossom a woman emerging in March Flocks of birds cast seeds of flame A bundle of flames eager to produce wings In village , out of village, on the bank and beside the pool Peach blossoms all open their silhouettes The gather and pile up A surge of endless expansion

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