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Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder (1930- ) is the author of 16 books of poetry, including Turtle Island which is his 1974 Pulitzer Prize-winning volume. He has won numerous honors and awards for his writing.



Qian Shui

浅水, 80 后,广东人。从事英语教学工作。现居广州。

Qian Shui was born in Guangdong and works in Guangzhou as an English teacher.

Above Pate Valley


We finished clearing the last Section of trail by noon, High on the ridge-side Two thousand feet above the creek Reached the pass, went on Beyond the white pine groves, Granite shoulders, to a small Green meadow watered by the snow, Edged with Aspen—sun Straight high and blazing But the air was cool. Ate a cold fried trout in the Trembling shadows. I spied A glitter, and found a flake Black volcanic glass—obsidian— By a flower. Hands and knees Pushing the Bear grass, thousands Of arrowhead leavings over a Hundred yards. Not one good Head, just razor flakes On a hill snowed all but summer, A land of fat summer deer, They came to camp. On their Own trails. I followed my own Trail here. Picked up the cold-drill, Pick, singlejack, and sack Of dynamite. Ten thousand years.


到正午时我们清扫 完了最后一段路, 在高耸的山岭边 在溪流上面两千英尺 到达山隘,越过 白松林,花岗岩肩头, 继续前行到一片 雪水浇灌的绿色小牧场, 那里的边沿长满白杨——太阳 高悬,强烈地直射下来 然而空气凉爽。 在颤抖的影子中吃一条 煎炸过的冷鳟鱼。我窥视 一道闪亮,发现一块 黑色火山玻璃石——黑曜岩—— 在一朵花旁边。手和膝 推动着丝兰,千万个 箭头的残余 在一百码外。没有一个 好箭头,仅仅是一座除了夏天 就总是下雪的山冈上的剃刀片, 夏季的肥胖的鹿子之地, 它们前来扎营。在它们 自己的足迹上。我跟随我自己的 足迹来到这里。拾起冷冷的钻头, 鹤咀锄,短柄锤,和 炸药包。 一万年。

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