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Wang Shu


Wang Shu has published a number of poems in Shi Kan and other journals. He is the author of two books of poetry and is the editor-in-chief of poetry journal Arrival.


Wang Shu


Who Has Such a Full Moist Feeling

雨用断断续续的一天时间锤炼自己 接着在夜晚,它休息了一会。于是潮湿的星空 在那片刻俯压人间,那样亲密的接触,我在身体中 嗅到虫子的鸣叫 谁有那样饱满的湿意 谁能登上那样人神莫辨的境界,我知道 那超拔的颓废的力量是从一个人的头顶向下开始的


The rain tempers itself with an intermittent day, Then it took a short rest at night. And the moist starry sky bent down Oppressing the world at that moment, Such an intimate contact. I was in my own body Smelling insects’ singing. Who has such full moist feeling? Who can mount that mystical situation That man and god cannot distinguish? I knew. That serious dispirited strength fell down Starting from the top of the head

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