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Yaode Xie


Yaode Xie, member of Xinjiang Writers Association. He has published various poems in major poetry journals and has received several poetry awards. He is the author of three books of poetry.


Luan Li


The Clouds Going Through the Night

穿过黑夜的云朵,我 看不见,就像我看不见 穿行在生活里的疼痛 就像我看不见,你 用痉挛的手,捡拾时光 麦穗,稻谷,还有生活的柴 我看不见啊! 穿过黑夜的云朵,你款款身姿 微笑,舞步,还有 你纤细的手臂,细若秋水的 指尖,轻轻摘下的,星辰 我真的看不见啊 看不见你黑色的优美 笑脸,言词,身段,礼服 我甚至奢望,天亮之后 在这个辽阔无垠的世界里 你和我,一小块黑色的背影


I can't see clouds going through the night, like I can't see pain passing through life. Like I can't see, You Picking up time, wheat ear, rice, and the firewood of life with your spasmodic hands, I can't see! I can't see clouds going through the night, your graceful body, charming smile, pretty dancing steps, tenuous and supple finger tips gently snatching stars from the night sky. I really can't see. Can't see your dark elegance. Can't see your smiling face, wordage, stature and full dress. I wildly hope after the sunrise You and I can dwell in a small black silhouette in this wide world after the sunrise.

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