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Guozhi Xu


Guozhi Xu, born in 1968, a native of Hubei Province. He is the author of two books of poetry and has published poems in Stars, Beijing Literature and many other literary journals.


Guozhi Xu


Wind Language

就这样让草说话 你站在他们中间,自然和谐 打开春天的窗子,山川、河流 它们都动起来,大家的心也跟着动起来 把草说的话引向四面八方 没有束缚,见到阳光就喜悦 没有陈见,见到过去和未来都一样的自在 一棵草可以说出不同的方言 一棵树可以搬来几个传说 爱的语言可以慢慢地说 放在水面起一点波澜 仇恨的话可以快快地说 跑到海中间永远不要回来 用一种声音把风引过来 看一看语言还有没有空白


So let the grass speak You stood in their midst and natural harmony Open up Spring’s window Mountains, rivers They move, everyone's heart follows their movements The grass speaks in all directions No restriction, see how the sun is pleased No cliche, see how the past and the future are the same A blade of grass can speak many dialects A tree can tell a few tales The language of love are spoken slowly and stir up billowing waves upon the water Hateful words are uttered quickly And race into the middle of the sea, never to return Speak with a voice to call up the wind And see if language remains empty.

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