Yidan Han

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Yidan Han

韩怡丹,笔名绿音。生于中国福建。著有诗集《临风而立》(1993)、《绿音诗选》(2004,中英双语)和《静静地飞翔》(2008)。主编《诗天空当代华语诗选,2005-2006》双语版(2007)和《诗天空当代美国诗选,2005-2008》双语版 (2009),并参与编著五本中国古诗文评点译析导读书籍。她是《诗天空》(Poetry Sky)双语季刊创始人及主编。其中英文诗散见于《诗刊》《创世纪》《普罗维登斯日报》《科罗拉多评论》等。她现居美国罗德岛州普罗维登斯。

Yidan Han is the author of three books of poetry, including Standing against the Wind (1993), Selected Poems of Green Voice (2004, bilingual), and Flying in Silence (2008). She is the editor of The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry, 2005-2006 (2007), The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry 2005-2008 (2009), and a coauthor of five academic books that explore classical Chinese poetry. Her Chinese and English poems have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies in China, United States and other countries, including The Providence Journal, Colorado Review, and Shi Kan. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Poetry Sky. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.


Yidan Han


The Container of Time

失重 如汽球悬浮空中 汽球爆裂 眼睛像两张薄薄的纸片 落入漆黑的洞中 身体被吸入狂奔的轨道 尖叫从嘴里跳出 像金属碎片般落满一地 豁然洞开 身体贴着金属轨道飞行 穿越摩天大楼之间 窄窄的缝隙 降落于金色的水面上 回眸望去 正是星光灿烂 历史已过千年 海上依旧白帆点点


Weightless, like a balloon suspended in the air. It bursts, while eyes like two thin sheets descend into a pitch black cave. The body is inhaled into a wildly running orbit. Screams leap from the mouth, like metal fragments scattering on floor. Suddenly, the cave splits. And the body flying along its metal orbit shoots through a narrow crack between skyscrapers and falls onto golden waves. Looking back, the starlight is brilliant, and thousands of years have passed. And the sea is still dotted with white sailboats.



飞翔止于凝望 任波涛万顷 扑面而来 轻盈如羽 借一片蓝天 栖息 许多花 在时间的沉默里 开启和凋谢 旋律 随风而去 在比宁静 更空旷 的幻象里 逐渐 陷入 花朵般的 柔软 与 眸的碧波里


The flight stops when you gaze at the sky. Let billows come over your face. Light as a feather, you borrow a piece of sky and perch on the blue. So many flowers bloom and wither in the silence of time. The melody gone with the wind. In the illusion more void than silence, you are slowly lost in softness of flowers and waves of eyes.

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