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Dean Young

Dean Young (1955 - ) was born in Columbia, Pennsylvania, and received his MFA from Indiana University. His numerous collections of poetry include Strike Anywhere (1995), winner of the Colorado Prize for Poetry; Skid (2002), finalist for the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize; Elegy on Toy Piano (2005), finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; and Primitive Mentor (2008). He has also written a book on poetics, The Art of Recklessness (2009).

迪安-杨(1955 - ) 生于宾夕法尼亚州哥伦比亚镇,印第安纳大学艺术创作硕士。他众多的诗集包括了赢得科罗拉多诗歌奖的《随处撞击》(1995);《打滑》(2002)获雷诺尔-马歇尔诗歌奖;《玩具钢琴的挽歌》(2005)获普利策奖;还有《原始顾问》(2008)。他还写了本诗论《鲁莽艺术》。


Edgar Dive


Edgar Dive studied at the London School of Economics and the Australian National University. His poems and translations appeared in a few literary journals, including Epoch Poetry Quarterly, Chien Kun Poetry Quarterly and Poetry Selected. He lives in Hong Kong.



People looking at the sea, makes them feel less terrible about themselves, the sea's behaving abominably, seems never satisfied, what it throws away it dashes down then wants back, yanks back. Comparatively, thinks one vice president, what are my frauds but nudged along misunderstandings already there? I can't believe I ever worried about my betrayals, thinks the analyst benefitting facially from the sea's raged-up mist. Obviously I'm not the only one suffering an identity crisis knows the boy who wants to be a lawyer no more. Nothing can stay long, cogitates the dog, so maybe a life of fetch is not a wasted life. And the sea heaves and cleaves and seethes, shoots snot out, goes to bed only to wake shouting in the mansion of the night, pacing, pacing, making tea then spilling it, sudden outloud laughter snort, Oh what the heck, I probably drove myself crazy, thinks the sea, kissing all those strangers, forgiving them no matter what, liars in confession, vomitters of plastics and fossil fuels but what a stricken elixir I've become even to my becalmed depths, while through its head swim a million fishes seemingly made of light eating each other. Source: Poetry (November 2007).


人们看着大海, 会感觉没那么厌恶自己, 大海的行径令人可憎, 似乎永不满足, 要丢弃的它会冲下去 然后又要回来,扯回来。 相比之下,一位副总裁想, 我诈骗什么啦?只不过顺着 既有的误会轻轻推了两下。 真不能相信我竟然还为我的 背信而担忧,那分析员想着, 面孔受用着大海汹涌的雾气带来的好处。 很明显我并不是唯一一个受身份危机 煎熬的人认识那位 不再想做律师的小伙子。 没什么能长存,那狗在沉思, 因此巧取的一生也许并非虚度的一生。 而大海起伏、裂开、沸腾, 喷出鼻涕,上床睡觉却又醒来 在夜的宅邸里叫喊,踱来, 踱去,泡好茶然后又洒了, 突然间呼哧大笑,噢,真是 见鬼,我大概要把自己逼疯了, 大海想,吻着那些个陌生人, 什么都原谅他们,祷告中的 撒谎者,塑胶制品和矿物原料 的呕吐者,可是即便对于我那平静的 深渊来说我也成了丧失能力的万灵药, 而它的脑袋里游过上百万 似乎是由光制成的 相互吞食的鱼。 译自《诗》2007年11月号

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