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Charles Bukowski

Born in Germany, Bukowski was brought to the United States at the age of two. Bukowski wrote more than forty books of poetry, prose and novels.



Qian Shui

浅水, 80 后,广东人。从事英语教学工作。现居广州。

Qian Shui was born in Guangdong and works in Guangzhou as an English teacher.



William Saroyan said, "I ruined my life by marrying the same woman twice." there will always be something to ruin our lives, William, it all depends upon what or which finds us first, we are always ripe and ready to be taken. ruined lives are normal both for the wise and others. it is only when that life ruined becomes ours we realize then that the suicides, the drunkards, the mad, the jailed, the dopers and etc. etc. are just as common a part of existence as the gladiola, the rainbow the hurricane and nothing left on the kitchen shelf.


威廉-萨卢因说,“我毁掉了自己的 生活,因为我跟同一个女人 结了两次婚。” 总有一些事情 会毁了我们的生活 威廉 这只取决于 什么或哪一个 先找到 我们 时机一直都很成熟 我们随时 都会 被抓住 生活被毁掉 很正常 无论你 聪明 还是不聪明 都是一样 只有在 自己的 生活 被毁掉时 我们 才发现 自杀者,酒鬼,疯子 囚犯,吸毒者 等等,等等 只是存在中 常见的一部分 就像 厨房架子上的 剑兰 彩虹 和 飓风 以及 空虚

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