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Roberto Juarroz

Argentinean poet Roberto Juarroz published fourteen volumes of poetry in all, numbered successively 1 to 14, under the general title "Poesía vertical." He served as the editor of the poetry magazine Poesía = Poesía from 1958 to1965.



Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has co-translated A Journey through the Chinese Empire, Intimate China, and The Web and the Rock, and co-written a book of poems Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.

If a thing changes form it changes taste at the same time, not only its taste to others but also its taste to itself, the flavor proper to its mode, the relish of its unpeopled gut. And if in the procession or dissipation of forms this thing should find its own, should meet it again in the sealed cloud of its origin, its taste would be the same as before, but only outwardly, never to itself again.


一件事物如果改变形体 它就同时改变味道, 不仅相对于别的事物的味道 还有对于自身的味道, 适合它的状态的风味, 它那无人居住的内脏的美味。 如果在形式的排列与消散中 这件事物能找到属于自己的 并在自身的密封的起源之云中再度遇见它, 那它的味道将与以前一样, 但仅仅外在地, 它自身已永久改变。

Crack of imminence in the heart, while the foot of hope dances its blue dance, in love with its own shadow. There is an expectant hymn that cannot begin as long as the dance has not finished its cultivation of time. It is a hymn backward, and inverted imminence, the last thread to tie the fountain before its flow carries it away. There are songs that sing, there are others that are silent, the deepest of all go backward from the first letter.


临迫在心中噼啪响, 而希望的脚步 跳着它忧郁的舞, 爱上自己的阴影。 有一首期待中的圣歌 无法开始 只要这场舞还未结束 它对时间的耕种。 这是一首倒退的圣歌, 倒置的临迫, 最后一根线,系住喷泉 在流水带走它之前。 有些歌要唱出来, 有些则沉默, 而最深沉的,从第一个字母 向后回返。

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