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Nian Wei Yang


Nian Wei Yang, originally Longteng Zheng. Born in Putian, Fujian in 1988. His poems have appeared in Shikan, Poetry Selected, Poetry Monthly and many others. He is the winner of Zhangjian Poetry Prize.


Nian Wei Yang


Evening Rain

在清晨到来之前 带上一个异地的车牌 进入这座城市 让所有路过的人 在齿轮化的世界里 稍作停留 分类我,猜测我,敌意我 而我只与这里的一粒尘埃有过交往 在市中心的广场上 那唯一一个抬头观看露天新闻的人 是我要找的人 是我心里的诗人 她曾写到爱情 “你总是成为我的战场 让我与她们战争 却不肯让我拥有一次完美的凯旋” 我不得不想想你 从心底里想想你 你这让我牵肠的小情人 空气中口水横飞 有那么一两滴 将形成我的吻 有那么一群人 将议论我如何爱你 却依然无法识破 你那让我骄傲的名姓


before sunrise I'll use a foreign tag and enter the city I'll make everyone passing on the streets of this cogged world halt for a moment and sort me, guess at me, and turn against me but only I, right here, knew that granule of dust at the heart of the city center head lifted, staring at news in the open air only she is the one I am looking for the poet of my heart she once wrote about love "you are always my battlefield let me fight against them but never deliver me a perfect victory" I can't help longing for you from the depths of my heart longing for you young lover who draws me in vaporous words pervade the air a few droplets will form my kiss a crowd will discuss how deeply I love you but they will have no idea how to penetrate the name that swells my breast

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