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Xingchu Wang


Xingchu Wang is a member of Chinese Writers Association. Since 1989 he has published five books of poetry and one book of non-fiction, and has received a lot of literary awards in China. He is the editor-in-chief of Chinese Foreign Forum. He lives in San Francisco.


Ruoshui Tao


Annotations to Yearning

遥远的思念是一种贴近 贴近的思念是一种遥远 贴近是咫尺天涯 遥远是一心之隔 把思念折叠成方块字 一封封家书是泪水 把思念摄入镜头 一张张笑脸是陌生 思念升上万里苍穹 无垠的距离是短短的直线 当思念潜入了心灵之门 梦境已经隐约可见


A far off thought is a kind of immediacy An immediate thought is a kind of separation Being close, we are as near as the ends of the earth Being far, we are drawn together at the heart Thoughts folded into little square characters Every letter is a tear drop Thoughts captured in a lens Every smiling face is a stranger Thoughts soar to the heavens Boundless distance is but a short line When thoughts sink into the heart dreams faintly begin to arise

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