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Xi Lou


Xi Lou, originally Huang Xiaomei. She was born in Quanzhou and lives in Fuzhou. She has published poetry and prose in newspapers and magazines, including Fujian Literature, Strait, Life-Creation, Yellow River Poetry, World Journal and so on. She has published a book of poetry Through the White.


Wenzhen Ye

叶文振为 福建江夏学院副院长。现居福州。

Wenzhen Ye is the vice-president of Fujian Jiangxia University. He lives in Fuzhou.


Clay Pot

再一次把目光 聚焦在前朝的门户里 不愿触及的往事 已锈迹斑斑 小小的破 孤独的光柱 将私蓄的满 凝固 时间语无伦次 试图搬动一个朝代 这样的时间 我开始 煎煮夏天所有的不安 这薄薄的玻璃一片 岂能护住虚弱的身体 遥远还是咫尺? 朝着历史的反方向奔跑 持续憔悴的夜晚 持续抹去自己


Focusing the eyes again on the ancient gateway The past hoping to stay untouched Pocked with rust Tiny, broken beams of lonely light Compact the thoughts of my inner heart Time incoherently attempts to move a dynasty At such times I begin to stir the unevenness of summer This thin pane of glass how can it protect this weak body Distant or near? Rushing against the direction of history holding fast to the haggard night striving to erase yourself

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