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Chow Teck Seng

周德成,1973年生于新加坡。2009年获新加坡金笔奖(中文诗歌)冠军,2005年获全国大专文学奖诗歌组冠军, 2012年“新加坡作家节”推荐作家。任新加坡作家协会理事等。作品散见于《联合早报》及海内外杂志,诗歌参与2012巴黎法英诗歌节。曾出版散文合辑《四书》、编辑《新加坡文学风景99》,及《新华文学》 “旅行的意义”特辑、“时空人物”散文特辑(2012)与“城市书写”特辑(2013)。2012月出版第一本结合 lomograph 照片和诗歌的诗集《你和我的故事》。现居新加坡。

Poet Chow Teck Seng, born in 1973, also known as Zhou Decheng, has a string of accolades to his name. His Chinese poems have won literary awards, been published in anthologies and in the Chinese press. When Inspiration Arrests the Poet was translated into French and English for the recent Festival Franco-Anglais de Poésie. In his latest poetry collection, The Story of You and Me, he took his art a step further by combining poetry with lomography and video.


Ms Koh Chern Phing


Crossing Paths - North, South, East, West, Centre

踩着帆布鞋疾步走过70、80年代 最多每小时10公里,回顾却快得比眨眼还快 却无法像神话中的羽鞋御风飞行 无论我幻想的速度多快 一个国度,或可以用巴士到地铁的速度来量衡 从东到西 从东海岸的脚车到西边的小货船 由南至北 最南方的闽南和广东口音 以及南方圣淘沙岛送走了日军,后又迎来 了21世纪的旅客 乘着向南的缆车 驱车行在向北的高速公路上 最北方的或许不只是北方普通话的口音 还有夹着马来风味 隔着对岸隔着海峡隔着一条代沟 一条连着古代马来半岛史和近代新马史的鹊桥 谁是牛郎谁是织女? 哪里是银河哪个是西王母? 你不是应该住在西边吗? 我的父母不知是否在桥上认识 在这南方的岛上我有时到最东边的机场去送行 真正能御风而行的 倒是在人生中穿梭的747波音,以及廉价航空小飞机 7天的欧洲行,大半个月的澳洲游 飞行——香港像一个星座,台湾像个情人 中国嘛,城里城外,是个又陌生又熟悉的亲戚 几千里半天竟就越过了半生 向空姐要了杯小红酒 然后,再次降落在这地图赤道的小红点上


Riding swiftly through the 70s and 80s, with canvas shoes on my feet Reaching a top speed of 10 kilometres an hour, Reminiscing, alas, is faster than the blink of an eye. Yet, still unable to ride the wind like a pair of mythical winged shoes No matter how fast I imagine it A country may be measured by the speed of its bus or metro From east to west From bicycles on the east coast to cargo vessels in the west From south to north The Hokkien and Cantonese accents of the southernmost region Following the departure of Japanese troops from Sentosa, The southern island welcoming hoards of tourists in the 21st century Riding the south-bound cable car Cruising up the north-bound highway What you hear in the far North may not merely be commonly spoken Mandarin, But something tinged with a distinct Malay flavour Across the shores, divided by the straits, separated by a generation gap, Lies the Magpie Bridge, A link bridging historical Malay peninsular history to modern-day Singapore-Malaysia ties Who is the cowherd, who is the weaver girl? Where lies the Milky Way and whom is the Queen Mother of the West? Shouldn't you be living in the west? I wonder if my parents met on the bridge On this island in the south, I occasionally send people off at the airport in the east In reality, it is the Boeing 747s and budget airlines shuttling through life That truly ride on the wind A 7-day whirlwind trip of Europe, a 2-week jaunt Down Under Flying – Hong Kong is akin to the zodiac and Taiwan is much like a lover As for China, both in and outside the city, It is like a relative, both familiar, yet strange Half a lifetime traversed in half a day A request to the flight stewardess for a little glass of red wine Then, once again, I descend upon this equatorial little red dot

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