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Richard Greene

Richard Greene is a poet and biographer. His third collection of poems Boxing the Compass (Montreal: Signal, 2009) won Canada's most prestigious prize, The Governor General's Literary Award. His fourth collection Dante's House (Montreal: Signal, 2013) has just been released. He is a professor at the University of Toronto and lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

理查德-格林是一个诗人和传记者。他的第三本诗集《搏击罗盘》(Montreal: Signal, 2009)荣获加拿大最负盛名的奖项总督文学奖。他的第四本诗集《但丁的房子》(Montreal: Signal,2013年)今年十月出版。理查德是多伦多大学的教授,住在Cobourg,安大略省。


Anna Yin

星子安娜,Anna Yin中国湖南出生。99年移民加拿大,其英文诗多次获奖,其中包括 2005 年安省的“Ted Plantos 纪念奖”和2010 年和2013年 的“Martry文学奖“。星子著有五本诗集,包括《Wings Toward Sunlight》(2011)以及《Inhaling the Silence》(2013)。星子是加拿大诗人联盟安省代表,她工作和居住在安省的密西沙加。

Anna Yin was born in China and immigrated to Canada in 1999. Anna won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, the 2010 MARTY Award, etc. She has published five books of poetry. Collections of her poetry Wings Toward Sunlight was published by Mosaic Press in 2011 and Inhaling the Silence was published in 2013. Anna is Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets. She works and lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Season


I remember him, whoever he was, after work on the twenty-fourth, his tie straight, the knot holding through a day, I supposed, of hands shaken, calls returned, files clewed up, satisfaction given and got. I was pushing a cart of all that new marriage might need to eat: potatoes, carrots, and a turnip, bread and milk and eggs. Among the meats I watched him, admired the overcoat that cost him a bundle at Tip Top, the London, or The Model Shop. Guessed him thirty-five and unspoused. At the cooler, he lifted two Cornish hens, eyed them through plastic wrap, weighed them, and chose, then he walked up some aisle of memory to pass in and out of sight at year's end among carols, angels, and guiding stars.


我记得他,不管他到底是谁, 二十四日完工后,他的领带 笔直,领结坚挺着整整一天, 我想象,满足给予并且获得 在握手,回电和文档收卷中。 我推着一车的新婚姻所有 可能需要吃的:土豆,胡萝卜, 青萝卜,面包圈,牛奶和鸡蛋。 在肉类摊中,我注视他,羡慕着 他那外衣一定耗费不少银子, 来自TIP TOP,伦敦或模特店。 我猜想他三十五岁还没配偶。 从冷柜他拿起两科尼什母鸡, 透过塑料包装看,衡量,再选择, 然后他走过某个记忆的过道, 走进又走出迷茫模糊的视线 在年底颂歌,天使和导航星中。

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