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Feng Na


Feng Na was born in Lijiang, Yunnan in 1985. Her poems appeared in a lot of major poetry journals and anthologies. She is one of the ten avant-garde poets born in 1980's . She has published a book of poetry and received 2012 Pentium Poetry Prize.


Hua Wei


Hua Wei, born in 1972, a poetry translator who graduated from Nanjing University in 1994 and now works in a vocational and technical college. He began to translate poetry since 2005 and has translated many poems for poets in China and other countries.


Yunnan Sounds

在云南 人人都会三种以上的语言 一种能将天上的云呼喊成你想要的模样 一种在迷路时引出松林中的菌子 一种能让大象停在芭蕉叶下 让它顺从于井水 井水有孔雀绿的脸 早先在某个土司家放出另一种声音 背对着星宿打跳 赤着脚 那些云杉木 龙胆草越走越远 冰川被它们的七嘴八舌惊醒 淌下失传的土话——金沙江 无人听懂 但沿途都有人尾随着它


In Yunnan, everyone speaks more than three languages one commands the clouds to take desired shapes one calls up mushrooms when lost in the pines another makes elephants halt under plantains and submit to well water well water that has the face of peacock-green in some tribal chief's home long ago another sound was made backs to the stars they danced barefoot those spruces and felworts moved farther and farther away glaciers stirred by their confused chatter trickled down a forgotten dialect--Jinsha River no one understands, but there are those who trail it

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