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Quek Yong Siu


Quek Yong Siu, poet and composer in Singapore. He has published poetry collections Palm Lines, The Story of Chopsticks, Moonlight Serenade, prose collection The Romance of Gecko and music commentary Remnant Rhyme. He is the committee member of the Singapore Writers Association, the vice-president of the Association of Composers (Singapore) and the Chinese Instrumental Music Society. He has received many awards in poetry and music.


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Words of a Robot

请别说我没有思想 只是我生性耿直 不善逢迎、不看眼色行事 永远跟着即定的程序和步骤 至于颠倒是非临阵变卦 我是不会也不屑为的 我的世界,是一个规律的世界 工作琐碎复杂、千篇一律 从来,我不埋怨 只要电力源源不绝 我便不眠不休不知疲劳为何物 高温?那是一种暖和舒服的感觉 看我铁臂轻扬,夹起 烧红的一块铁,熊熊炉火中 手腕伸缩自如,高压电 常常在我们的指间酝酿、纠缠 缠出几道眩日的 彩虹 但我常常为自己的身世而 懊恼,没有生我的父母 没有选择生存的权力 我的弟兄,相貌相同性格一致 缺乏一种 你们世界中正迅速地退化的 亲情。而这一生中 令我最遗憾的,莫过于 无法感受无法拥有 那被你们所忽略和唾弃的 爱


Please, do not say I am thoughtless I am only upright Praising isn't my virtue, or reading faces Forever following programmed procedures to the extent I invert right and wrong I always obey and never disdain a task My world is orderly and regulated My work tedious and repetitive I have never complained As long as the power supply remains I know no sleep, rest or fatigue Overheating? The warmth, a soothing comfort See me raise my steel arm, pick and place a red-hot metal strip into the blazing flames and nimbly retract, incredible voltage builds between my fingers, entangling wrapping itself into dazzling rainbows Yet for my lot in life, I'm always troubled. Parentless, living a choiceless existence Sharing identical faces and characters with my siblings Lacking emotions which are fast diminishing from your world. Yet my deepest regret is none other than the inability to possess the feeling which you've chosen to ignore and reject Love!

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