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Yuan Liang


Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He moved to Shanghai with his parents while he attended elementary school. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is a member of PoetrySky Poets Association and he has published a book of poetry Beneath the Wall of April (2009), Homesick of Time (2010), The Primitive Corner (2011), The Silent Color (2012), Arriving Season (2013), and Sun Wheel (2014). He lives in Southern California.


Yuan Liang



如果你是软体动物 你承受的痛苦 就远远超出硬脊动物 有时你只能眼看着 远方传来的一支歌 是如何轻轻,像一条蚯蚓 蠕动、肿胀,最后 在你心里溃烂 记不清界限和极限坊 是何时重叠在一起 给情感规则造成极大麻烦 交通信号灯出了问题 街道那边有火光 警车频频出动,警铃 像一头猎犬咬住奔离的车 对于坚硬的侵扰 你从最初的那一击开始 就迅速伸缩了自己 对于尖利器具的适应 无非是缺乏骨气 被瘀伤、切开 但默默忍受,从不让步 迎接新一轮循环 但是对那些比你更软之物 你就显得有些不知所措 就像远方的那支歌 能将你软成一滩泥 然后化成一汪清水 一抹轻烟


If you were a mollusk the pain you bear would be more severe than a vertebrate's Sometimes you can only observe how a song from afar like an earthworm squirms, swells, and finally festers in your heart I do not remember when the boundaries and limits are overlapped frustrating rules of emotion Traffic lights have gone awry There is a flame over the street Patrol cars frequently rush out, sirens like a canine, seize the vehicle escaping Against stiff intrusion from the initial whack you responded quickly by shrinking Adapting to a sharp appliance nothing more than a lack of grit bruised and sliced bearing suffering silently, never budging welcoming the new cycle. However to those softer than you you appear at a loss like that distant song that softens you into a muddy shoal into clear water a wisp of smoke



有些人拒绝为自己造型 但躲避不了别人为自己造型 他们被逼入一个房间 不一定是用暴力逼迫 也不一定是用美色引诱 因为脚步出于自己脚上 进入房间就跟自己相关 无论是正相关还是负相关 也不管公开否定还是私下否定 哪怕存在着一丝意愿 进入那个房间就具有可能 总是有人端茶倒水 虽然说了一大堆废话 也不至于白费唇舌,况且 在为别人做广告的时候 也顺带为自己做了广告 起先,你还意识到 自己是作为器具在被人使用 久而久之,也就习以为常 并且重新调整了自己的思路 每个人都是他人的器具 我们用自己的脚走路 实际上是在为他人走路 他人用自己的脚走路 实际上是在为我们走路 我们的钥匙在别人的裤兜里 我们的裤兜也暖着别人的钥匙


Some people refuse to model themselves but cannot avoid being modeled by others They were forced into a room not necessarily by violence nor allured by lust As pace comes from their feet entering a room is related to themselves whether positively or negatively correlated whether publicly or privately denied if there is merely a hint of willingness entering the room is a possibility There is always someone serving tea who though speaking a lot of rubbish never wastes their breath, besides while advertising for others they incidentally do the same for you At first, you were still self conscious that you were being used as tool by others then over time, you became accustomed to it and re-adjusted your view Everyone is an appliance of another We walk with our own feet while actually walking for others Others' walk with their own feet while in fact walking for us Our keys are in others' trousers Our pockets warming up others' keys

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