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Lu Wei An

芦苇岸,笔名映晴,男,土家族,1971年生于贵州德江县,浙江省作家协会会员, 南湖区作家协会副主席。1989年开始公开发表作品,迄今已在《山花》《人民文学》《诗刊》《星星》《中国诗人》等数十家文学刊物发表诗歌、小说、散文、评论。1999年12月出版诗集《蓝色氛围》。有作品入选多种选本并曾多次获奖。

Lu Wei An, pen name Ying Qing, born in Dejiang, Guizhou in 1971. He is a member of Zhejiang Writers Association and vice-president of Nanhu Writers Association. Since 1989, he has published numerous poems and other works in dozens of literary journals. He has published a book of poetry Blue Atmosphere. His poems have been included in a number of anthologies and he has received many awards.


Na Shi


I'd Rather Be a River

杭州湾北部的平原深处 大大小小的河流,直来直去多年 即使闪光也如此沉默 在早晨、中午、黄昏、子夜 始终保持着一样的容颜 保持着世界上最纯情的友谊 我常常爱在它们碰头的地方 蹲下,站起,注视空寂的河面 缓缓漂过的浮草,或旧瓶子 想一切从哪里来,又会去哪里 有时也看群飞的水鸟 切割视线,充满欢乐的鸣叫 在原野上起伏如麦浪 我甚至忘记了时间的忠告 固执地领着其中的某一条河流 向更空寂的远处,默默地走


North of the Hangzhou Bay lies the plain, deep in which are rivers of all sizes, running for so many years. The rivers are brilliant but silent. At dawn, at noon, at dusk, and at midnight they remain as they are. I share the most unalloyed friendship with them. I will be where they meet, squatting, standing, and staring at the void of the rivers. When weeds drift gently across the water, or old bottles I wonder where they come from and where they'll go. Occasionally, a flight of water birds will break into my sight, their joyful tweets rippling over quiet landscapes, just like waves of wheat. I even lose track of time, and doggedly keep my rivers company. We inch into a farther and remoter distance, quietly.

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