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Nelly Sachs

Dramatist and poet Nelly Sachs was born into a Jewish family in Berlin in 1891. In 1940, she and her mother escaped to Sweden to avoid Nazi persecution. Her collections of poetry include In the Houses of Death (1946), Eclipse of Stars (1949), and Flight and Metamorphosis (1959). In 1966, Sachs and novelist Shmuel Agnon received the Nobel Prize in Literature. She died in 1970.



Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has translated The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath (2013), The Web and the Rock (2011), A Journey through the Chinese Empire (2006), and co-written a book of poems: Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.

When the Day Grows Empty


When the day grows empty at dusk when the imageless time begins, the lonely voices combine— the animals are not hunters anymore or the hunted the flowers mere fragrance— when everything becomes nameless as at the beginning— then you go beneath the catacombs of time, that open for those nearing the end— there where the heart-seeds grow— down into dark inwardness you sink— already past death that is only a windy passage— and freezing with exit strike open your eyes in which a new star already has left its reflection—


当日子变空 在那黄昏, 当无意象的时间开始, 孤独的声音聚在一起—— 野兽不再是猎人 或被猎的—— 花朵纯粹是香气—— 当一切变得无名如开始时—— 你下行入时间的地墓 它为临近终点的人打开 心的种子生长于此—— 你沉入 幽暗的内部—— 死亡擦肩而过 那不过是一条刮风的过道—— 在冰冻的出口 击开你的双眼, 一颗新星已在里面 留下它的反光——

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