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Susan Stewart

Poet and critic. Susan Stewart was born in 1952. She received a B.A. in English and anthropology from Dickinson College, an M.A. in poetics from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. in folklore from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of several collections of poetry, including Red Rover (2008), Columbarium (2003), The Forest (1995), The Hive (1987), and Yellow Stars and Ice (1981).



Wang Yixiao


Wang Yixiao, pen name Yi Xiao. She has published two books of poetry, including Singing of Time (2011) and Never Forget the Paths We've Taken. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, including Poetry Selected in China. She lives in GuangZhou, China.



A moth lives inside the seed—viz., it's true, you can love the invisible the livelong day and night after night sealed up in it, too, dazzled by the never, by what will never be seen, or you can go the other way,

with your break under your wing, that keeps you from the air, your first breath, starting to peep, the inside out, You'll tap and tap the star pip the egg-tooth its meaning entirely you'll make a hole the light, even though what light might be. like a troubled for hours around until the whole breaks open and falls that's when seeing every star a planet, every

and press against the membrane until it breaks and you can take sounding deep within a mistake switching into a purpose. with the small point on your bill, made just for this, its use. And gradually that grows to let in you won't yet know, can't know, Then you'll twist and turn dreamer, orbiting the circuit of your wall large end of the shell into pieces all about you— will be believing: planet realigned.


一只 飞蛾住在 种籽里—即, 是的,你能整日 整夜爱那不可见之物 也被密闭在内 目眩于永不 和永不可 见的 或者你可以用另一种方式,

以你翅膀下方的嘴, 它阻隔了你和空气, 第一次呼吸,开始窥视, 由内到外, 你将轻敲星星的种子 卵齿, 它的整个意义 你将凿出一个洞 即使你 光会是什么。 像一个不安的 好几个小时围着 直到整个地 裂成碎片 那是眼见 每颗恒星有一个行星,每个

挤压那层薄膜 直到它破裂而你会有 于深处探测 一个错误转换成意图。 用你喙上的细尖 仅为此而造, 它的用途。渐渐地 它生长,让光进入 还不知道,无法知道 然后你辗转反侧 梦者,转圈 你墙壁的回路 壳的粗端 从你周围纷然散落— 为实的时刻: 行星被重新排列。

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