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Yongqing Zhuang


Yongqing Zhuang was born in TongAn, Xiamen. He is a member of Fujian Writers Association and Xiamen Writers Association. And he is the president of Xiamen TongAn Writers Association. He has published more than 200 poems and has published a book of poetry. He lives in Xiamen.


Xie Qian


Xie Qian was born in 1975 in the Sichuang Province. She studied at the Information Management Department of Beijing University and the English Language and Literature Department of the graduate school of the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. She enjoys writing, playing piano and painting. She is teaching the Chinese language in Michigan.


A Lake

一面湖水,镶嵌在 大地的伤口上 宝石一样的泪珠 在明灭的光芒中隐隐作痛 一面湖水,固守着自己 内心的疼痛和念想 固守着澄净、寥落以及 时时变幻的风景。默默 收留天空和落叶,收藏 被季节冻伤的种子 一面湖水,怀抱碧玉 蛰伏在秋天的深处,就像 诗歌——被俗世遗弃的事物 蜷缩于时间的谷底 在尘嚣之外独自明亮


A lake, embedded in a wound of the earth. A diamond-like tear faintly hurts in the flickering shine. A lake tenaciously defends the pain and thoughts in the depths of its heart, tenaciously defends its limpidity, aloneness and the vicissitudes of its scenery. Silently it takes in the sky and fallen leaves, gathering up the seeds frostbitten by the season. A lake clutches jade in its bosom, hibernating deep in the autumn, like poems -- abandoned by the temporal world and huddled in the bottom of the valley of time, shining alone beyond the clamor of the world.

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